Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Didn't STEAL the BOLT! Not ME!

Been wanting to catch Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief but when I go with my friends, it was sold out. FiNALLY, managed to catch it yesterday. We initially wanted to watch the 10pm screening but as usual, SOLD OUT. Ended up with 12.20am screening. Its a movie that definitely WORTH WATCHiNG! I'd watched it over & over again...if you have knowledge about the Ancient Mythology of the Roman/Greek Gods, then you would enjoy it more. I'm not bragging bout my knowledge but some fools who were seated behind us were like so dumb. When the Minotaur came out, they shouted "Ooohhh...Taurus!" I was thinking in my mind, "What the hell??? You think we're watching movie about The Horoscope? What? The Satyr is Capricorn I supposed? Poseidon would be Pisces? Then Athena? Virgo is it???" Stupid, right? Can't wait for the next installment!

The Lightning Thief is the first part of its 5parmt book series. It tells the story of Greek Gods who comes down to Earth once in awhile and fell in love with mortals. The result? Their offsprings that are known as demigod. Half God, Half Mortal. Now, Percy Jackson is the offspring of Poseidon, the God of the Seas and a mortal woman. Up in Mount Olympus, there's a rumble because Zeus' Lightning Bolt's been stolen. The 3 main Gods of the Greeks which are Zeus, Poseidon & Hades, they dislike each other so it would be natural for Zeus to think that one of his brothers are trying to overthrown him. And all blame goes to Percy Jackson, and so Fury, Minotaur were sent to hunt for Percy Jackson by Hades. Hades plans to get the Lightning Bolt for himself to rule over the Gods. As they embark on a quest to retrieve the 3 Pearls of Persephone (Hades' wife), they faced several mythical creatures such as Medusa and Hydra. You see, Percy's mother was abducted to hell by Hades and in exchange for his mother, Hades wants the Lightning Bolt. Long story cut short, they found the pearls and went to Tartarus (Hell) to save Percy's mother. It was Persephone who led them in and helped them escaped. By the way, Hades looks like Diablo in his real form and looks like a Mick Jagger wannabe in his human form, in this movie. After a long journey with his protector, Groover the Satyr and Annabeth, Daughter of Athena The Goddess of Wisdom & Warfare, Percy found the Lightning Bolt hidden in his shield all along. And the shield was given by Luke, Son of Hermes The God of Messenger. Luke's been planning this all this while because he wants the new generation to take over Mount Olympus but he's missing army of demigods. LOL! Anywaysss...Percy managed to get the Lightning Bolt and returned it to Zeus just in time before war break between the Gods of Greek.

Oh ya, apparently The Gate of Tartarus is located behind the Hollywood sign and Mount Olympus is just an elevator away from The Empire State Building. And...and, the movie featured Lady Gaga's Poker Face and Ke$ha's TikTok Hahahaha...

Joseph - The Attention Thief?


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