Saturday, December 25, 2010


Everyone has relatives whether you like it or not. Sometimes you love them but most of the time, you really hate them because all they do is butt in.

My relatives are...well, uneducated and really really conservative. I am 21 years old for God's sake and you guys still have that mindset that I am the 15 year old teen who dropout from high school. I thought I needed to grow up but you guys REALLY need to GROW UP! What is wrong with you people? Don't you have a life? Why want to keep ruining my life. Very fun is it?

Let me clear this, I shop. Yes, who doesn't? Just because I am not AS RiCH as you all are, then I am not allowed to shop is it? I buy 1 piece of shirt and you all acted like hell break loose and come say I don't take care of my mom. Mother is mine, I know how to take care. Is it a sin for me to occasionally spend on myself? If its a sin then you all already booked a place in hell. CONFiRM! You all may be RiCH in CASH but I am RiCH in PERSONALiTY! You all are empty in that department. You all are like empty souls playing Celebrity Game and I'm the Celebrity that you all take pleasure on gossiping. I get a haircut and you all go frantic because its a RM20 haircut. So, being average or poor does not permit me to be stylish? EXCUSE me because I am WAY more stylish than any of you combined. I am ashamed to have you all as my relatives because I get no moral support from you all. Just lots of slandering, backstabbing and gossiping. Maybe you all forgot that I'm all grown up and I've grown to be a bitchy person. Do not make me confront any of you. I would leave you speechless. If you are brave enough, come say it right into my face. Not behind my back passing the words around.

Got problem with me clubbing? DON'T TELL ME you all never been to clubs??? Ya, right! I club, so what? I do EVERY 3-4months! I am your cousin, nephew but not your child. Do not control me. I go with friends, we share the bill. Its like a normal lunch bill. What's your problem?

Oh ya, little cousins of mine. You also playing role as reporter? Sorry, not enough knowledge and education level yet. Continue your studies in High School first. Then if you can make it to college level only come judge me and report to your parents about what I'm doing. English so damn pathetic and yet wanna talk to me? Go get a life. Go study and go for tuition. Thats what you all do anyways, on a daily basis. I NEVER needed tuition and my English is WAY WAY better compare to any of you combined!

12-15yrs old already so nosy. What? Too much influence from TVB drama is it? Effect of media!

You think I'm a failure? That I am Project Failure? Well, letme tell you this. I am Project Runway. I will run what I am doing in the future. I am what the industry needs! I am doing well in what I am pursuing. Given any of my subjects, NONE of you would understand. Its Christmas and you all need to destroy my Christmas, huh? Its also my Birthday week and you all damn good lar!

Oh ya, my Facebook is mine. Read MiNE! If you can't understand, please go refer to a dictionary. Oxford Dictionary may be too deep for you all. Try Kamus Dewan. Unless you all wanna support me in what I do which is my STUDiES, otherwise please stay out of my life.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


On this day, 21 years ago...GOD created a child named Joseph Pek. Little he know that this child turned out...GAY. Anyways! Its my BiRTHDAY! Not much presents but all the wishes and smses from friends are BETTER than presents. Touched and smiling and laughing all the way reading those Facebook posts and messages.

Its my birthday today. YOU planned out my birthday celebration months and months ago but...we did not last. I am sad by this fact. What's worse, you didn't even bother to wish me. You may not be part of my life anymore but...nevermind, its ok. I shouldn't let you spoil my mood anymore than you already have. Enjoy your new life.

Joseph Pek! Your BiRTHDAY! Don't EMO!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Believe This CRAP?

All I hear is raindrop falling on the rooftop. Oh baby, tell me why you'd have to go cuz this pain it won't go away and today~ I'm officially missing you. I thought that from this heartache I could escape. Say every little thing you do, it stays on my mind and I'm officially missing you. Maybe you could be mine again. Maybe we could make that dream to real like way back then. When love was yours & mine. Maybe we can bring it back to live...(iMPOSSiBLE)

I didn't feel. The fairytale feeling, no. Snow white said when I was young, "One day my prince will come." So I wait for that date. They say its hard to meet your match, find my better half. So we make perfect shapes. If stars don't align, if it doesn't stop time, if you cant see the sign, wait for it. One hundred percent, with every penny spent. He'll be the one that, finishes your sentences. (BULLSHiT)'s not like the movies. Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending. It's not like the movies but that's how it should be, yeah. When he's the one, you'll come undone and your world will stop spinning,
And it's just the beginning...(Yeah, right)

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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, here I am in KL. The big city version of Malaysia. I was happy to come KL previously. The excitement and happiness is now gone. When I come back here, I feel a lot of bitter memory. There were some sweet memory but...the sweet has turned sour. "I was thinking bout him, thinking bout me, thinking bout us, what we could've been but it was all just a dream..."

The place I am staying for training, no public transportation. I thought its near to my working place, its not. All also went wrong. Before come KL, one by one say wanna meet and hang out. Reached KL, nobody. Now...all alone and bored. If I am able to, I wish I'm back in Penang.

My birthday month and I am feeling so lonely. Feeling like I'm the only one left. There are people around me but I seem invisible to them. I wonder if anyone remembers my birthday. Come KL also feel lonely...

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Back From The Past


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, its December again. I can't say I like it much though. For everyone, their BiRTHDAY MONTH means a lot to them. For me, I just don't like it. Why? Because iT'S DECEMBER for God's sake! Everyone is on vacation, everyone isn't around, everyone is busy, everyone is leaving here and there. There's no one to celebrate my birthday nor for me to celebrate with! I have NEVER celebrated my birthday with a group of friends like what I normally see in college, in TV, in outings. I never got that because everyone would be away. Growing up, its always been me and my parents. Last year, it was me, 3 ex-high school friends and my ex. But last year's birthday celebration was also the very main reason why we broke up. So, yeah...I was supposed to enjoy it and for a brief moment I did until he destroyed it, no thank you to Kenneth Foo. My birthday but there was restriction to no photos, no videos, blah blah blah...oh ya, no pressie from HiM too! Nothing to remember it by...

I've always celebrated friend's birthday and get them presents for their big day. And I wish someone would do the same for my birthday but the usual would be, I wait and wait and December 23rd pass JUST LiKE THAT...Remember how people alway says that YOU DO NOT WISH OR ASK BACK FOR PRESENT when YOU GiVE. Haha, letme tell you is a WHOLE BUNCH of CRAP. Everyone expect to get something back when they give. I thought this year I would be spending my B'day and X'mas with YOU but I guess we didn't last that long. We planned it out but here we are...back to nothing. I really thought this YEAR I would get to go through my special day with YOU but you've found someone else and I am still left here hanging...R.I.P : APRiL - JUNE 2010

X'mas...what is fun about X'mas when you are too broke to even feel the spirit of X'mas. Too broke mentally and financially. There is no X'mas fun in it. All I WANT this X'mas is YOU (if you are out there)

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Its been a VERY LONG time since I last update my blog. Its not that there's nothing to blog, just that I haven't been in the mood to blog. Want to blog bout something but there isn't the will the blog.

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Friday, November 26, 2010


Once again, I haven't been updating my blog. Well, part of it is that I've been busy. Extremely busy. With final projects, exams coming up and a play to rehearse for English Pronunciation as our final project. Then there's Advertising as well as Desktop Publishing which requires us to use our creative juices. Haha, I love these two subjects. Anyways, everyone is currently juggling these few things in mind, including me. Deadline for final assignments is getting closer, revision, exam and finding accommodation during our internship. Everyone goes in pair. I am going solo :( I've got no one to share room with, no one I know to work together with. Again, its me only.

I am like desperately seeking for a room to rent in either Seksyen 17 or SS2. Because these are the places nearer to the company I'll be interning under which is Freeform media. I'll be in KLue magazine. Guess the hunt continues...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm just a simple boy in a high-tech digital world. Really try to understand, all the powers that rule this land. They say Miss J's big butt is boss, Kate Moss can't find a job. You learn cool from magazine, you learn love from Charlie Sheen. Follow your heart, your iNTUiTiON. It will lead you in the right direction...

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What and where? A pet shop in a mall directly beside of a gaming arcade and opposite of a pirated DVD shop. GREAT! Don't this people think before using animals to make money for their own? First of all, think of how much STRESS the poor animals are under. What with the noise and shouting and screaming of kids from the arcade. And its in a mall, SERiOUSLY? A shopping mall? Its indoor and its not even a proper shoplot. For god sake, you people are torturing the animals. Someone should cage you people up and let you feel how it is...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Rihanna, most of us followed the start of her career when she burst out into the scene with her first single, Pon De Replay. Most of you didn't know the lyrics but we sing along despite not knowing the meaning. I for one, was doing so. From Pon De Replay we see Rihanna evolved. From her style in music, her sense in fashion and her HAiRSTYLE! Before I start on her hair, lets talk about her music. Her music is good and catchy but did you notice something? As time went on, she's been singing only 1 line. Love The Way You Lie. She only sings THAT chorus line. Now we have her new song called What's My Name and she kept repeating that line. In Only Girl, she shouts and shouts that SAME line. LOL! Rihanna's songs are becoming one line songs. although I still enjoy them. What do we remember from Rihanna's songs? Her lines. Her one line.

"You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh"
"SOS please, someone save me"
"But its over now, go on and take a bow"
"So shut up and drive, drive, drive"
" I don't wanna do this anymore"
"This place is disturbia"
"Please don't stop the music, music"
"Oh, you got me hatin' on the club"
"You can see my heart~beating"
"C'mon rude boy, boy can you get it up"
"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn"
"Want you to make me feel, like I'm the only girl in this world"
"Ooh, na-na, wwhat's my name"

You get what my mean. haha. Rihanna, oh Rihanna. I love the way you lie...


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HELLO people! I know I have been M.I.A for ages. Let me justify myself! I have been super busy with assignments. 7 final assignments, can you imagine that? Headache, major headache. Thank god there's Dragonica to release stress, haha. Dragonica is an online game. The characters are so cute, JUST like...ME! (oh God, alot of people are going to faint for what I just said)

Anyways, I'm back and I'll update me bloggy but not as consistent as last time as I still have my assignments. Tee-hee

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Sunday, November 7, 2010


LOVE isn't hard to find, TRUE LOVE is. But why some people choose to let it go, I have no idea. Love is about the sacrifices each other made to get to where they are. Not necessarily physical. Sometimes I am puzzled by others. Why is it they can move on so fast? In matter of days.

Why one finds a replacement, they are quick to judge and compare with their previous ones. Can someone say they love a person after few days? Should one love a person so quickly just because he/she let him/her do things the other never let them do before? Where's the LOVE once you are being controlled? Is that what we call LOVE? If that is love, sorry...I don't want that.

What about a type of LOVE called MATERiAL LOVE? Do we love someone just because that person gives us everything we want? Buy us ices and Dolce & Gabbana? Buy us Gucci? Prada and Jimmy Choos? That kind of LOVE is what drives a man bankrupt. Where's the LOVE once the money dried out? Would want either one of these so called LOVE? Not me.

I want a kind of LOVE where both parties appreciate each other's presence and existence. Share what we have and don't have. Go with the moment, live within the moment. A LOVE  where both can sit down and chat like best friends and about our daily life, not what to buy, where to go clubbing. Growing old together seems and sounds impossible but I wanna believe that there's a possibility to it. Where is the LOVE when we're grey and old? Inside this fragile HEART of mine :)

You and me will be lying side by side forever, forever
Underneath this adolescent sky together, together
And you will hold my heart inside your hand
And you'll be the one, the one to tell me

Oh, we've got a long, long way to go
To get there, we'll get there
If there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old

I made you swear that our hearts will never die
No never, no never
Cause no one seems to believe that we can fly
Forget them, forget them

How could we know that day, it came with age
That the feeling would fade...

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feeling Like This *points down*

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin? Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel already buried deep? Six feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing. Is there still a chance for me cause there's a spark in me?

I am original, cannot be replace. If you only knew what the future holds. After a hurricane, comes a rainbow. Maybe there's a reason why all the doors are closed. So I could open one that leads me to the perfect road...

So, I shall WAiT...

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Relatives & Me

Got myself a new haircut today and posted on my Facebook status saying I got a new haircut. Guess what happened? I was feeling very happy, giggling and smiling throughout the day. Out with Benny & KitZai, in Gurney. Then the GOOD mood of the WHOLE DAY was spoiled by a comment by my cousin that I ''love'' so much. What was the reply? Judging me and acted as if I spent few hundreds for my haircut. The haircut cost me RM20. It is my first and I DESERVE it! All these while, my Lambert's hairdo has been for RM6 - RM14. Now, I am taking a step further cuz I wanted a different look. Can you people just leave me alone? I am an adult now! 21 years old, born 1989! I am no longer 15. I know I screwed up my life when I was 15, dropping out of school. But you people still can't get that off your mind, can you? Its been 6years and you people still think I will repeat history. I dropped out of high school but I fought my way to SPM and I am now in college doing my Diploma. Its my 2nd Year now. Can you people buzz off from my life? You are my cousins, my relatives. Have a little support, not condemn me as the boy who dropped out, as the boy who spends his parents' money only. You people like to ask if I got help my mom pay house rent. Do you know how I am living my life? I do help out whenever I can. DO NOT JUDGE ME! I paid my college fees with my PTPTN and the remains, I use for myself and for the rental. TRY living my LiFE for a day! You people will never understand till you have try my life. I normally see you people once a year during CNY and what you all like to ask??? ''Got take care of mommy or not?'', ''Got overspend or not?'', ''Don't simply buy things.'' ''You can't afford to shop, don't shop.''

Mother is mine, you think I don't know how to take care? Don't you people get TiRED of asking the same question again and again? I am happy to have my friends around me. They support me and they make me laugh. Relatives? Make me disappointed only.


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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Look SO?

As much as I deny it, no matter what...I try not to look like it but...I am SO CUTE! I tried to look scary but look what I end up looking like? C-U-T-E!

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Night Of Ghoulish Fun

Hell BREAK a GLAM way!

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Halloween's Eve came! We all went to celebrate it in Boom Boom Chambre at Upper Penang Road. There was a costume party. We reached the Han Chiang Hostel at 5.30pm to start on our costumes and later at 8pm, we start on our make-ups. My outfit was pinned here and there with safety pin, LOL! I loved the outfit SO much!

Benny went as Medusa with scale painting on his face and blue hair. Kit Zai was a Hybrid of a zombie and a mummy. Soo Lyn was Ms. Kitty Kat. Kher Shieu was the Ghost of Cheongsam, she was clad in cheongsam with all white eyes. Her sister, Kher Shein dressed as the Mad Scientist. We all agreed that she looked like...Dr. Farell from Dragonica. Joshua was Prince Charming with a twist while I was Glampire, the hybrid form of Adam Lambert and a Vampire, haha. Joshua was the exact opposite of me. He was all white and only a Trinity pendant for accessory while I was all black with pins, chains and necklaces. Joshua was SiMPLiCiTY and I was EXAGGERATiON. Prior to entering the club, we got our make-ups touched up by make-up artists provided by BBC. The night was ghoulish and fun. ''Welcome to Hell - Freda Dragonstarr'' We all enjoyed the performances. Let the pictures do the talking :)

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Sitting in Paddington House Of Pancakes and watching people walk pass by, I noticed something. Well, a few things actually. First, whenever I bump into friends, the first thing they ask is...''Wow, your hair. Long already, like got bombed.'' LOL! Where got such thing? My hair hair. Its Adam Lambert inspired. Plus, I only look good in this hair, too bad. The next thing is, people kept staring at me. Its either I look like a freak or I look like a PopStar. Notice why I didn't use RockStar? Because I am nowhere near Rock. Third thing, it is Halloween today and not much people got dressed up. Last night, yes. Today, not much people dressed up. Best part? Some come out of their house looking like themselves but honestly, they look like...Halloween itself, haha. Under-dress is not for today, hehe. Well, I am not really over or under-dressed. I am just clad in a white jacket, hehe. An undershirt from Renoma mix with a white jacket.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

If I Were To...

If I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses. Sink me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song. Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother. She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colors. Life ain't always what you think it ought to be, no♥

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Pumpkins, Witches & Everything Magical

October 30th! Halloween's Eve, what will I be dressing as? Well, ever heard of a creature called Glampire? It is a hybrid form of vampires called Glampire which is short for glam type vampires. That is who I will be on that day.

Halloween, otherwise known as Samhain in Celtic tradition, a day where the veils between the two worlds are thinner than usual. A day where souls are allowed to come back and visit their loved ones. For cheeky ghouls and imps, it is a day for them to play pranks on human beings.
"Tonight as the barrier between two realms grow thin, spirits shall walk amongst us once again. They will be families, friends, foes, pets and strangers. This feast, I will leave on my doorstep all night. On my window, one candle shall burn bright to help my loved ones find their way as they travel this eve and this night until dawn. In  life is death and in death is life, tonight we are joined again..."

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Maybe I know somewhere deep down my soul, that love never last...
And I promised myself that I'll never sing of love if it does not exist...
I guess that's what you get when you let your heart win...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I WANT YOU TO BE...(like this) is not necessarily good nor bad. Sometimes its good, sometimes it is not. Who I am in the past is really messed up. Who I am as I progress through college? I am starting to like him but the thing is, we as human tend to change according to the society's wants. I've experienced it myself. I have changed SO MUCH just because of the wants of society. This morning, exactly 2.30am, I sat in my friend's car and realized...I don't know who I am anymore. I keep trying to be the person that people expect me to be, the person that is perfect in people's eyes. The person whom my friends like. I avoid being or doing what they dislike at all cost.

So now the question is, WHO AM I? Yes, I am Joseph Pek but what is my personality now? I used to be quiet with no confidence at all. But I gained my confidence and I became more sociable. Still, I search and search but I don't know who I am or what I am. Which category do I belong, I don't know.

But one thing is for sure, I am meant for greatness. I am destined for something big. I'll make it big someday, somewhere. I am somebody!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear GOD

God, if you are up there and if you still care about me, I NEED YOU NOW. Dear God, I am feeling very unhappy. I can't explain why but I just want to tear up. I went to college this morning and I felt very tired about everything. I can't pinpoint what it is. I keep feeling so down, so de-motivated and I just want to cry it out. I feel like I don't belong. I feel I can't stay there any longer. Why am I misunderstood most of the time? Why I can't just be a normal student? I know I stand out everywhere I go but I don't want unnecessary attention. I do not need it. I feel like everything has changed. College feels like a place for gossips and dramas. And I am in the center of it.

I've always been told that I am meant for big things, that I have a place in this world and I'll make it big. I am struggling through life everyday and it is just VERY tiring to be misunderstood. Can I go on for 1 more year? I  am someone who is an emotional freak. I show my emotions. People can tell when I am down. Sometimes it is not good so I am keeping it to myself but it is slowly eating me up. I am destroying myself. ''You like to keep things to yourself and go around emo-ing. If you continue keeping it to yourself, you will be in your own world and it will eat you up'' - a best-friend of mine said that.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

For WHO i AM, Thank You For BEiNG Around Me!

Alot of things have come and gone. People, things, problems, solutions, happiness, emo-ness. Alot of people have come into my life, few have stayed. Alot of them make a big impression but ended up a mess. Some started with the worst impression but ended up being someone I talk to about everything.

This fella shown in the picture, he is the one person that I can tell just about EVERYTHiNG. Started out as enemies because of a major misunderstanding. Until the day our mutual friend bring us out together. Things improved slowly and now? Haha, we are best friends. We've been through ALOT of rumors and gossips. Don't give a damn about it, we just live our lives as it is. We play around like little kids but we are serious when needed to. Our personality and dirty jokes are mostly the same. Our ''happy'' brains are linked. Haha, of everything that has happened, I really appreciate and grateful for your existence in my life. Above it all, if it is not for our little major misunderstanding, we wouldn't be where we are. You are truly a good friends. You may PMS(but not as much as me) every now and then but I know you'll always be around for me and I'll always be around for you when needed to. Cheers^^ to our WHORESOME friendship.
Next, the only girl among our gang. Haha, she's a magnet alright but not the right kind of magnet. Most of the guys she attract are mostly...GAYS, lol! Got to know her in a very funny way. It all happened in Visual Communication's class when I was curious who is this Teoh Kher Shieu. Best part, I say it out loud. Next thing I know, this girl with green highlights turns around and replied, ''Yes?'' We got to know each other, then on the very same day we talked about piercings and tattoos (I don't have any tattoos). The next day, we went hunting for new earrings at Prangin Mall and the rest they say is history, a beautiful history. I have never argue with her before. Like Kit, she has been with me throughout everything. Sad and happy, hook ups and break ups. Shieu, hehe...thanks for being by my side, accepting who I am and being....YOU :) The perfect song for you? KiSS WiTH A FiST by Florence & The Machine. You are sweet and cute (NYA~) but you can sure deliver a punch when needed :)
This one, open mouth only...keep twisting my words around. Ooi Boon Leng! Otherwise known as Joshua. Haha! If you're reading this, I know you'll be saying me ''cipet'' in your mind, haha! Trust me, I am writing bout your positives. I've known you for 2years. Our friendship started off okayyy, then it became rocky, it cracked and it recovered and now? Haha, I've never imagined that we would be as close as we are now. You may twist my words around, you may tease me but you are you and for who you are, I love having you as my friend. One of my closest friends. Haha, I know you won't twist my words around as long as I don't say the word ''3 months'', right? You're never nice but you're nice in your own ways. Haha, you're Joshua, you're HOT 'N COLD. Thats the right line to describe you.

I am glad to have these people around me :) Love each and everyone of them!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes, It is NOT EASY...

Sometimes, some things that have been said is hard to take back. Sometimes, you can't be right all the time. Sometimes, you have to know to trust a person. Sometimes, you have to let a person have their defense. Sometimes, friends can be a better company than anyone else. Sometimes, when you said things that are stays. Sometimes, a simple word that is hurtful will bring a person down till there's no end. Sometimes, people might think a person is all chirpy and happy and pleases everyone but do you know that it is an upkeep? If a person is to take care of others' feelings, why isn't anyone taking care of his feelings? Shouldn't it be a both way communication?

If dramas and gossips are tiring, what about friends not trusting you enough? What about friends assuming things on their own about you? Sometimes, I ask myself this, ''Did I make the right decision?'' No matter I mix with, it is always your own clique that accepts you for who you are and they trust you with everything.

''Forgive, sounds good. Forget, I'm not sure I could'' - Dixie Chicks

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Friendship without TRUST is nothing.
If you think I would do such thing, then go ahead and put the blame on me. You are a victim. So am I. Don't simply point to me just because I have the source. People gossip and creates drama. I happened to be in the centre of every drama there is and I'm always the last to find out.

You wanna talk production? I care about both of your production. But what did I get in return? A bombing from both parties. That I leaked your videos/movies? Ya, sure. I'd do that after supporting both of you. I went to watch You Again which is supposed to be a comedy but I did not laugh nor smile at all. Thanks alot. As if the day wasn't bad enough. If our friendship is so fragile that you think I would do such things, I am sorry for I am not that kind of person. Sorry to disappoint you. It was a back to back bombing and I seriously do not need that. Maybe the relationship part is going over your head, I don't know. All I know is, the relationship is affecting friendship. If I am the person who introduced you both and you once said ''Thank you for introducing him to me'', guess what? I got screwed for no apparent reason. When you utter the words, ''I will talk to Joseph'' means you already set your mind that I am the one behind it. That I am the culprit. Some words can't be taken back. Apologies won't clear it up. Forgiving is easy, forgetting something like this has happened? Not easy...

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People say that ''There's somebody for everybody out there.'' Do you believe in this line? Well, I used to. Not anymore. There's is no time period that tells you when ''that'' person will show up so you just keep on waiting and waiting and waiting. When you get tired of waiting, that's when you start to become a skeptic. If there's supposedly someone for everyone out there, why are there some who are still single? From 5relationships that are all screwed up, they are of cheating, lying, cheating and lying. So how do you expect me to believe in that line? Am I still waiting? Truth is...I'm slowly realizing that I have lost faith in love. Shocking but true. No one can say that I'm still young or too young for love because I am 21 and if I am too young, what about 17yrs old up till 19yrs old kids who are in relationship?

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Muslim campaigners plan protests outside the venue in Kuala Lumpur. The gay star is due to perform in the capital city on Thursday, October 14, but he has come under fire from members of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), who fear the singer will be promoting gay culture in the mainly Muslim country, where homosexual relations are illegal. 

Lambert has insisted he will tone down his act in accordance with the country's strict decency laws and the government has granted him a permit to perform. But campaigners are refusing to back down and are planning to demonstrate outside the stadium where Lambert is due to play. 

PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan says, "Lambert is morally unfit. His gay lifestyle will harm our society. He is of bad, bad character and poses a danger to young Malaysians. We want the government to cancel the permit..." But Hassan is adamant all the planned protests will be peaceful. 

He adds, "We will use a soft approach to protest against his performance. He has admitted he is gay. We feel his lifestyle will influence and destroy the young generation. We will not use violence to stop the concert." 
This piece of news is regarding Adam Lambert's GLAMNation Concert which took place in Bukit Jalil Stadium last Thursday, October the 14th. Oh gosh, seriously? First was Mariah Carey's concert (and its not the first protest) then other artistes that followed. Then Beyonce's. Which got Beyonce so pissed with our country's rules and the protests and such, she pull out of Malaysia and instead went to Indonesia. Now, its Adam Lambert but THANK GOD he managed to perform.  Now, let me state a piece of my mind.

The MUSLiMS fear that Lambert might promote the gay culture in Malaysia. Lambert agreed to our terms and said he will tone down his act and theatrical manners and such. What more do you MUSLiMS want??? PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan said that ''Lambert is morally unfit. His gay lifestyle will harm our society. He is of bad character and poses a danger to young Malaysians.'' Dear Mr. Nasrudin Hassan, for your information, there are ALOT of GAYS within your own muslimin-muslimat. And just for your further information, most of the gays or Muslims who opt for the alternate lifestyle are mostly transvestite, drags or you Muslims call ''bapok.'' (no offence to the drags, LOVE you girls) So, take a step backward and think for a second before condemning people. Do you know that being gay or straight is a path of life? That we choose it ourselves, not influenced by an artist or so. Lambert is morally unfit? Why not call your own race and your own religion morally unfit too? Since most of YOUR people are Mat-Rempit, Bohsia and Minah-Rempit? Do you know which race is the most clever in giving people taglines/nicknames and stereotyping? You people who protest against things that you think are immoral. Who start calling tomboys, pengkid? Who started calling gays, pondan/aqua/bapok? These words are what? Bahasa Malaysia :) The national language that you're so proud of. Lambert poses a threat and danger to the Malaysian youngsters? You have gotta be kidding me! He is here to entertain, to sing, to share his music. His music is THE DARK SiDE OF LOVE, not GAY MUSiC. A person who is GAY doesn't make everything he does GAY. What the FUCK is wrong with the mentality of you Malay people??? His gay lifestyle will harm our society, huh? Please, please take another step backward and think. All of your actions are making Malaysia going a step backward and slowly, no artist will come to Malaysia to perform. That is soooo going to affect your fucking tourism. Looks like you PAS people will only let people perform peacefully when they are clad in baju kurung and tudung. To cover their ''aurat'', right? Nah~cover my ass! The last line was ''We will not use violence to protest.'' ARE YOU SURE? So, printing out images of Adam Lambert with a NO sign and stepping on it is not violence? It is the same act of other country burning our national flag. Please have a little respect for people if you want people to respect your country. At this point, I can rest assure that MANY people are ashamed to call Malaysia, their country. Who are you to control our SEXUALiTY, our SEXUAL PREFERENCE, our SEXUAL ORiENTATiON? Nobody! If you think Adam Lambert's lifestyle will destroy the youth in Malaysia, all I can say is your actions will ruin Malaysia.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010


We reach Bukit Jalil Stadium at 7.35pm. Missed the Glam Competition! It was at 5.30pm, sigh. And I got all dressed up and glammed up. There were soooo many Lambert-Wannabes but I feel I looked the closest! C'mon la, you got Malays trying to look like Lambert and they end up looking like those Bon-Odori victims. With long hair and looking super skinny and all, ugh~ They looked amazing alright...ONLY FROM AFAR.

We thought we would take alot of pictures but turns out the publicity and advertising campaign for Adam Lambert's GLAMNation Tour 2010 was...pretty bad. There's a DiGi tent and what they do? Promote DiGi lor. Then there's Sony Music's tent with a white clothe over and t-shirts everywhere. They were selling Adam Lambert's debut album and a GLAMBox as well but there's no meet and greet session for autograph or anything. SWT right? Then there's information counter at the side with only 2 girls and a table. Wow, 'nice'...

Anywaysss, couldn't stand the wannabes! But a girl came up and said she love my hair! Woohoo~! Although the concert was delayed for 1hour but they played such superb songs! Gaga, Katy Perry and Paramore! Woohoo~! While waiting, suddenly an MJ song came up. It was Billy Jean and this lady, an American I guess...started dancing at the seat and everyone was clapping and cheering while some see it as atttention seeking, especially her own kind. She even danced to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and it was REALLY BAD! I should have gone up there and dance! Here's the photos we took. There are alot more but they're in YiMei's camera.

Waiting for Monorail to Hang Tuah
On the way to Fahrenheit Mall
Escalator up the mall~
KitKit do GRUMPY FACE~! xD
KitKit & KellyLyn
Lunch at Pavilion

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Project Lambert

Can't believe I actually went for Adam Lambert's concert. The GLAMNATiON TOUR 2010. Its still so surreal. Lambert is a true performer. He did 15sets with only 2 short breaks. And I mean REALLY short breaks. It was less than 2-3minutes. Lambert did numbers from his stint in American Idol such as Ring Of Fire and also numbers from his For Your Entertainment album. I don't think I remember all the songs he did but these are the ones memorable to me. He did Voodoo, For Your Entertainment, Sleepwalker, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Whataya Want From Me, If I Had You, Mad World and others.

A local artist which to me is an unknown, Danell Lee (don't like him) and Denis Lau opened for the Malaysia Tour. Lambert kick start the concert with Voodoo and ended it with If I Had You but came back with Mad World as an encore number after much screaming and shouting from die hard fans. It was really fun and a high-flying experience. Pictures will be up soon so stay tune!

To Be Continued

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You're the reason I ever step foot into KL.
You're the reason I took my first LRT and Monorail.
You're the reason I broke out of my comfort zone and travel alone.
You're the reason I know my ways around Bukit Bintang area.
You're the reason I have a bigger and different point of view now.
But you're also the reason I have haunting memories whenever I come back KL.
But you're also the reason for my heartache that is still taking its toll.
But you're also the reason I can't trust when it comes to love.
You're every reason for everything.

I should thank you for making me a little bit more independent but I really don't like the heartache and the haunting memories. The LRT is the biggest memory I have which is haunting me till now. On my first trip here, we travel around with LRT. You beside me. Me beside you, haha. When you come Penang you don't inform me and so when I come to KL, I also don't inform you and you call and asked why. Simple as that. I get no news from you until you need help with something. Lately, its been about your assignment. Need my ideas and opinion, you text me. Hesitated to help you but helped in the end. The result? Not even a word of thank you. And I had to text you asking for a ''thank you.'' What is wrong here? Sigh, I don't know what to say anymore. I will always have a soft spot for you and I am sure you know how to take advantage of it.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

KL - Kuala Lampa

Reached KL at 5.30am. Drop point was at Bukit Jalil, went to wait at the LRT station for like half an hour before they open the gate. We took the LRT to Hang Tuah station and change to Monorail which takes us to Bukit Bintang area. We went round searching for our hotel which was Tiara GuestHouse but we settled for Sungei Wang Hotel because its nearer to where we are going and plus the Tiara's people don't sound too friendly so don't care la.

Got our hotel room, took a shower and then Benny suggest we do mask and so we did. What do you get with 2 gays and a girl in KL? Plenty of laughters and fun :)

Whats the plan for today? Hmm, walkaround before going back to Bukit Jalil for Adam Lambert's concert.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Empire State Of MY Mind

Noise is always loud, there are sirens all around and the streets are mean. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere, that's what they say. Seeing my face in lights or my name in marquees found down on the road. Even if it ain't all it seems, I got a pocketful of dreams. In KL...concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do. Now you're in KL, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. One hand in the air for the big city, no place in the world that can compare, put your lighters in the air saying yeah, yeah, yeah~

This is my third time going to KL. First was to visit an old flame, second was with friends during semester break and now, its for the Adam Lambert concert. Although KL is pack with traffic jams and all, I still like it there. Maybe I will find my new/fresh start over there. Maybe I am born for something bigger than Penang. Like I always say, I've got a pocketful of dreams, ideas going round my head with no means to execute it. Maybe KL is where I will shine. I relate all of these with Alicia Keys' Empire State Of Mind, the broken down version. I hope KL will be my home once I can find the means the settle in there. I do love Penang but I love KL too. KL is like the New York in the States.

The feeling of excitement is not necessarily for the Adam Lambert concert but its more to going back to KL...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just A Teen ^^

I LOVE this picture! See how everything is SO channeling TEENAGE DREAM by Katy Perry? I'mma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight. Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, I'll be your teenage dream tonight...

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Adam Lambert is coming to Malaysia this Thursday, October 14th! Best part is...I am going to see him! Woohoo! Well, not see him technically but his concert, his gig! Its bound to be entertaining! Adam Lambert! He is the equivalent of Gaga. you can call him the male version of Gaga. This is as far as you can get. Hope nothing goes wrong with the concert such as those pesky Malays protesting and such. Stupid one. I will be channeling the Adam Lambert vibe to the concert, yippeee!

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A Beach Day Out aka THE LUAU

The day finally came. Its was the 9th of October. We, The Mass Communication Society organized a Luau which is also known as a Beach Party. Alot of sweat and hardwork were put into this event. We want everyone to enjoy themselves. The venue was at The Penang Water Sports & Recreational Centre at Tanjung Bungah. The morning started off not too bad with the first ice-breaker game seeing them doing their forfeit :) especially those who thought I was the one they're supposed to look for. We were playing the committee hunt with them, haha. I remember I made them ran up and down the stamp while saying ''Joseph Pek is CUTE!''. running round the volleyball court for a mini 1round, got them to dance a series of SEXY DANCE, Beyonce's famous moves and also pole dance. Hehe, we all  HAD FUN! We played The Blanket Game next where a blanket will be covering both teams. Once the blanket is being let go, the first person to say the name of the person infront wins a point for their team. Next we have my game which was The Mashup. I played 3 remixed songs and they had to list down as many songs that they can detect within a time limit.
I have no idea who's forfeit was this but it looked silly enough :)
My forfeit, do the Beyonce's infamous dance
My other forfeit, Sexy Dance!
Pole dance by B&K

Best part? Highlight of the day??? When our BELOVED lecturer, Mr. Aaron did Lady Gaga's moves and actions. Mr. Aaron told us after the dance that HE CAN DANCE. Haha! Sure you can, Sir. Just keep telling yourself that :)
I want your loving, I want your revenge...

Ms. Ooi came to support us too. What a bunch of good sporting lecturers. We had fun under the sun, gossiping under the clouds, bitching under the skies and overall fun. Alot of water were being splashed especially when it came to water balloons, hehe...

Cheh, HERO of the day lo!
Hansel had to act RETARD which comes natural for him :)
How old liao, some more act cute. HAHA!
Water Balloon Fight!
Eric: Eh, don't la throw when I referring. Wait la, later.
2 seconds later...
Eric: la, now la, now la. Throw la~
After throw...
Eric: Wait la, finish already, I splash all
Finding their clues for The Committee Hunt game :)
Food has arrived!

Banana Cutting Watermelon, AWKWARD!
Kak (E)Leen prepared the food, LOL!
Couple la tu~

And the winners~
1st Prize - Team Caps
2nd Prize - Team Banana
3rd Prize - Team BlueBird
4th Place - Team Sexy Bitch :(

Although the number of people who attended were abit disappointing but its okay. Although only 2juniors came, we couldn't pick our committees or even get to know them. Anyways, we took it as a bonding session between us seniors. It sure felt good. To whoever paid and yet didn't come, you guys missed out ALOT of fun. We even celebrated Kamini's birthday in advance! Happy BiRTHDAY Kamini!
See the cake? Same color like Kamini

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