Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes, It is NOT EASY...

Sometimes, some things that have been said is hard to take back. Sometimes, you can't be right all the time. Sometimes, you have to know to trust a person. Sometimes, you have to let a person have their defense. Sometimes, friends can be a better company than anyone else. Sometimes, when you said things that are stays. Sometimes, a simple word that is hurtful will bring a person down till there's no end. Sometimes, people might think a person is all chirpy and happy and pleases everyone but do you know that it is an upkeep? If a person is to take care of others' feelings, why isn't anyone taking care of his feelings? Shouldn't it be a both way communication?

If dramas and gossips are tiring, what about friends not trusting you enough? What about friends assuming things on their own about you? Sometimes, I ask myself this, ''Did I make the right decision?'' No matter I mix with, it is always your own clique that accepts you for who you are and they trust you with everything.

''Forgive, sounds good. Forget, I'm not sure I could'' - Dixie Chicks


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