Sunday, October 24, 2010

For WHO i AM, Thank You For BEiNG Around Me!

Alot of things have come and gone. People, things, problems, solutions, happiness, emo-ness. Alot of people have come into my life, few have stayed. Alot of them make a big impression but ended up a mess. Some started with the worst impression but ended up being someone I talk to about everything.

This fella shown in the picture, he is the one person that I can tell just about EVERYTHiNG. Started out as enemies because of a major misunderstanding. Until the day our mutual friend bring us out together. Things improved slowly and now? Haha, we are best friends. We've been through ALOT of rumors and gossips. Don't give a damn about it, we just live our lives as it is. We play around like little kids but we are serious when needed to. Our personality and dirty jokes are mostly the same. Our ''happy'' brains are linked. Haha, of everything that has happened, I really appreciate and grateful for your existence in my life. Above it all, if it is not for our little major misunderstanding, we wouldn't be where we are. You are truly a good friends. You may PMS(but not as much as me) every now and then but I know you'll always be around for me and I'll always be around for you when needed to. Cheers^^ to our WHORESOME friendship.
Next, the only girl among our gang. Haha, she's a magnet alright but not the right kind of magnet. Most of the guys she attract are mostly...GAYS, lol! Got to know her in a very funny way. It all happened in Visual Communication's class when I was curious who is this Teoh Kher Shieu. Best part, I say it out loud. Next thing I know, this girl with green highlights turns around and replied, ''Yes?'' We got to know each other, then on the very same day we talked about piercings and tattoos (I don't have any tattoos). The next day, we went hunting for new earrings at Prangin Mall and the rest they say is history, a beautiful history. I have never argue with her before. Like Kit, she has been with me throughout everything. Sad and happy, hook ups and break ups. Shieu, hehe...thanks for being by my side, accepting who I am and being....YOU :) The perfect song for you? KiSS WiTH A FiST by Florence & The Machine. You are sweet and cute (NYA~) but you can sure deliver a punch when needed :)
This one, open mouth only...keep twisting my words around. Ooi Boon Leng! Otherwise known as Joshua. Haha! If you're reading this, I know you'll be saying me ''cipet'' in your mind, haha! Trust me, I am writing bout your positives. I've known you for 2years. Our friendship started off okayyy, then it became rocky, it cracked and it recovered and now? Haha, I've never imagined that we would be as close as we are now. You may twist my words around, you may tease me but you are you and for who you are, I love having you as my friend. One of my closest friends. Haha, I know you won't twist my words around as long as I don't say the word ''3 months'', right? You're never nice but you're nice in your own ways. Haha, you're Joshua, you're HOT 'N COLD. Thats the right line to describe you.

I am glad to have these people around me :) Love each and everyone of them!


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