Saturday, October 23, 2010


People say that ''There's somebody for everybody out there.'' Do you believe in this line? Well, I used to. Not anymore. There's is no time period that tells you when ''that'' person will show up so you just keep on waiting and waiting and waiting. When you get tired of waiting, that's when you start to become a skeptic. If there's supposedly someone for everyone out there, why are there some who are still single? From 5relationships that are all screwed up, they are of cheating, lying, cheating and lying. So how do you expect me to believe in that line? Am I still waiting? Truth is...I'm slowly realizing that I have lost faith in love. Shocking but true. No one can say that I'm still young or too young for love because I am 21 and if I am too young, what about 17yrs old up till 19yrs old kids who are in relationship?


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