Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween's Eve came! We all went to celebrate it in Boom Boom Chambre at Upper Penang Road. There was a costume party. We reached the Han Chiang Hostel at 5.30pm to start on our costumes and later at 8pm, we start on our make-ups. My outfit was pinned here and there with safety pin, LOL! I loved the outfit SO much!

Benny went as Medusa with scale painting on his face and blue hair. Kit Zai was a Hybrid of a zombie and a mummy. Soo Lyn was Ms. Kitty Kat. Kher Shieu was the Ghost of Cheongsam, she was clad in cheongsam with all white eyes. Her sister, Kher Shein dressed as the Mad Scientist. We all agreed that she looked like...Dr. Farell from Dragonica. Joshua was Prince Charming with a twist while I was Glampire, the hybrid form of Adam Lambert and a Vampire, haha. Joshua was the exact opposite of me. He was all white and only a Trinity pendant for accessory while I was all black with pins, chains and necklaces. Joshua was SiMPLiCiTY and I was EXAGGERATiON. Prior to entering the club, we got our make-ups touched up by make-up artists provided by BBC. The night was ghoulish and fun. ''Welcome to Hell - Freda Dragonstarr'' We all enjoyed the performances. Let the pictures do the talking :)


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