Sunday, October 17, 2010


Muslim campaigners plan protests outside the venue in Kuala Lumpur. The gay star is due to perform in the capital city on Thursday, October 14, but he has come under fire from members of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), who fear the singer will be promoting gay culture in the mainly Muslim country, where homosexual relations are illegal. 

Lambert has insisted he will tone down his act in accordance with the country's strict decency laws and the government has granted him a permit to perform. But campaigners are refusing to back down and are planning to demonstrate outside the stadium where Lambert is due to play. 

PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan says, "Lambert is morally unfit. His gay lifestyle will harm our society. He is of bad, bad character and poses a danger to young Malaysians. We want the government to cancel the permit..." But Hassan is adamant all the planned protests will be peaceful. 

He adds, "We will use a soft approach to protest against his performance. He has admitted he is gay. We feel his lifestyle will influence and destroy the young generation. We will not use violence to stop the concert." 
This piece of news is regarding Adam Lambert's GLAMNation Concert which took place in Bukit Jalil Stadium last Thursday, October the 14th. Oh gosh, seriously? First was Mariah Carey's concert (and its not the first protest) then other artistes that followed. Then Beyonce's. Which got Beyonce so pissed with our country's rules and the protests and such, she pull out of Malaysia and instead went to Indonesia. Now, its Adam Lambert but THANK GOD he managed to perform.  Now, let me state a piece of my mind.

The MUSLiMS fear that Lambert might promote the gay culture in Malaysia. Lambert agreed to our terms and said he will tone down his act and theatrical manners and such. What more do you MUSLiMS want??? PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan said that ''Lambert is morally unfit. His gay lifestyle will harm our society. He is of bad character and poses a danger to young Malaysians.'' Dear Mr. Nasrudin Hassan, for your information, there are ALOT of GAYS within your own muslimin-muslimat. And just for your further information, most of the gays or Muslims who opt for the alternate lifestyle are mostly transvestite, drags or you Muslims call ''bapok.'' (no offence to the drags, LOVE you girls) So, take a step backward and think for a second before condemning people. Do you know that being gay or straight is a path of life? That we choose it ourselves, not influenced by an artist or so. Lambert is morally unfit? Why not call your own race and your own religion morally unfit too? Since most of YOUR people are Mat-Rempit, Bohsia and Minah-Rempit? Do you know which race is the most clever in giving people taglines/nicknames and stereotyping? You people who protest against things that you think are immoral. Who start calling tomboys, pengkid? Who started calling gays, pondan/aqua/bapok? These words are what? Bahasa Malaysia :) The national language that you're so proud of. Lambert poses a threat and danger to the Malaysian youngsters? You have gotta be kidding me! He is here to entertain, to sing, to share his music. His music is THE DARK SiDE OF LOVE, not GAY MUSiC. A person who is GAY doesn't make everything he does GAY. What the FUCK is wrong with the mentality of you Malay people??? His gay lifestyle will harm our society, huh? Please, please take another step backward and think. All of your actions are making Malaysia going a step backward and slowly, no artist will come to Malaysia to perform. That is soooo going to affect your fucking tourism. Looks like you PAS people will only let people perform peacefully when they are clad in baju kurung and tudung. To cover their ''aurat'', right? Nah~cover my ass! The last line was ''We will not use violence to protest.'' ARE YOU SURE? So, printing out images of Adam Lambert with a NO sign and stepping on it is not violence? It is the same act of other country burning our national flag. Please have a little respect for people if you want people to respect your country. At this point, I can rest assure that MANY people are ashamed to call Malaysia, their country. Who are you to control our SEXUALiTY, our SEXUAL PREFERENCE, our SEXUAL ORiENTATiON? Nobody! If you think Adam Lambert's lifestyle will destroy the youth in Malaysia, all I can say is your actions will ruin Malaysia.


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