Saturday, October 16, 2010


We reach Bukit Jalil Stadium at 7.35pm. Missed the Glam Competition! It was at 5.30pm, sigh. And I got all dressed up and glammed up. There were soooo many Lambert-Wannabes but I feel I looked the closest! C'mon la, you got Malays trying to look like Lambert and they end up looking like those Bon-Odori victims. With long hair and looking super skinny and all, ugh~ They looked amazing alright...ONLY FROM AFAR.

We thought we would take alot of pictures but turns out the publicity and advertising campaign for Adam Lambert's GLAMNation Tour 2010 was...pretty bad. There's a DiGi tent and what they do? Promote DiGi lor. Then there's Sony Music's tent with a white clothe over and t-shirts everywhere. They were selling Adam Lambert's debut album and a GLAMBox as well but there's no meet and greet session for autograph or anything. SWT right? Then there's information counter at the side with only 2 girls and a table. Wow, 'nice'...

Anywaysss, couldn't stand the wannabes! But a girl came up and said she love my hair! Woohoo~! Although the concert was delayed for 1hour but they played such superb songs! Gaga, Katy Perry and Paramore! Woohoo~! While waiting, suddenly an MJ song came up. It was Billy Jean and this lady, an American I guess...started dancing at the seat and everyone was clapping and cheering while some see it as atttention seeking, especially her own kind. She even danced to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and it was REALLY BAD! I should have gone up there and dance! Here's the photos we took. There are alot more but they're in YiMei's camera.

Waiting for Monorail to Hang Tuah
On the way to Fahrenheit Mall
Escalator up the mall~
KitKit do GRUMPY FACE~! xD
KitKit & KellyLyn
Lunch at Pavilion


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