Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkins, Witches & Everything Magical

October 30th! Halloween's Eve, what will I be dressing as? Well, ever heard of a creature called Glampire? It is a hybrid form of vampires called Glampire which is short for glam type vampires. That is who I will be on that day.

Halloween, otherwise known as Samhain in Celtic tradition, a day where the veils between the two worlds are thinner than usual. A day where souls are allowed to come back and visit their loved ones. For cheeky ghouls and imps, it is a day for them to play pranks on human beings.
"Tonight as the barrier between two realms grow thin, spirits shall walk amongst us once again. They will be families, friends, foes, pets and strangers. This feast, I will leave on my doorstep all night. On my window, one candle shall burn bright to help my loved ones find their way as they travel this eve and this night until dawn. In  life is death and in death is life, tonight we are joined again..."


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