Monday, May 2, 2011

Asgard Has Arrived...

Hot daddy on the loose! In the form of THOR, the Norse myth's God Of Thunder. Known as Odin's favorite, Thor was always envied by Loki who is the God of Mischief. In the Marvel comic adaptation, Thor was sent to Earth after his arrogance got the best of him; leaving Asgard weak and defenseless as Odin is growing old and weak. Loki seize the opportunity and played a few trick of his own. As usual, the antics of a non-Earth residence who drop on Earth like a meteor proves to be funny. Imagine someone from Asgard, a Norseman on Earth. Enough said xD And so, his search for acceptance back into Asgard continues. Without Mjolnir (his hammer) and no godly strength, Thor has to rely on Jane (Nat. Portman) to get back his rightful place.

Thor is one of the best superhero to have come out in the past years. Best part of the movie is that Chris Hemworth did not know who Thor was up until the shooting for the movie began. He didn't know that Thor was one of the Marvel heroes. Why is that good? Because he does not have knowledge of Thor and who he is and therefore, he does not have his own opinion on this superhero that he is playing which leaves more room for creativity and a more natural persona.Chris is sure one hell of a hot daddy! Hehe...drool worthy, I'd shoot him down with a taser gun anyday, anytime.

Highly recommend the movie :) I'd watch it again and again and again. Remember to stay and watch till end of the credits as there is a little snippet of what to expect in The Avengers and Thor 2. Scripts and pre-production for Thor 2 has already begin.


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Gaga In Question Again...

Here's a piece of news we all already know :) Lady Gaga is believed to be an illuminati conspirator/satanist/the devil's bride (I wonder how many he has) I am on the fence here and I don't wanna jump into any conclusions but here are my thoughts on the recent happenings.

I never really realized that Gaga's songs has hidden meanings up till Alejandro and trust me when I say the song has a very creepy beat and melody. At the beginning of the music video, one of the soldiers carried a head dress and it's in the shape of the sign of Baphomet. It looks like a star in a circle with the goat headed demon's face on the center. On to the lyrics, Alejandro means GOD, Fernando means JESUS and Roberto means HOLY SPiRiT so what exactly was she trying to say? Try singing the chorus out loud and you will understand what I mean. Remember back in Bad Romance, Gaga crept out from a coffin which has a red cross but below the cross, it says "monster"? Hmm...and she swallowed the rosary, wore a robe with an upside down cross. Was there a hidden meaning of she surrendering herself to You-Know-Who when she let the men strip her off her robe in Alejandro's MV?

Born This Way, I don't know if there's any conspiracy but I am okay with it at the moment. I look at it as in more of a gay anthem. The new single, Judas. Now, that is one hell of a creepy song! Again, what is she trying to say by singing that she's in love with Judas although she knows Judas has sinned. She sings that she's in love with Judas, that Jesus is her virtue but Judas is the demon she clings to. She's a holy fool and Judas is oh so cruel. Gaga is believed to be playing the role of Mary Magdelene in the MV. Now...isn't that the woman who wash Jesus' feet? Is Gaga going to wash Judas' feet because in the first verse she already mentioned she will wash his (Judas) feet if he needs. Or she repenting? Because she said, "in the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wrench, vomits her mind".
This image is freaky and it creeps the hell out of me.
Gaga as Mary Magdelene?

So, Illuminati Conspiracy/Satanist/Devil's Bride, your call. I am on the fence. Is Gaga's music the devil's message when it is played backwards? I don't know. Maybe you should try it?

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Sweet dream are made of this, who am I to disagree?

In love with the soundtrack from Sucker Punch but the movie seriously sucked. The soundtrack sang by Emily Brownings who played BabyDoll is enigmatic and haunting. The movie? Forgettable.

BabyDoll was sent to an institution for the mentally ill by her step-father after her mother's passing. There, she was told that she needs 5 items to escape and from the center itself, she gathered her troops of Spice Girls. They even have ET names. Blondie (she's not even blonde), Sweet Pea (her name may be sweet but she sure hell is bitter), Rocket (I like her! A spunk of energy) and Amber (she's okay larh). See, aren't they the new Spice Girls?

Now that she got her dolls, they need to gather 5 items. First is a map, then a key, fire, a knife and the fifth item is unknown. Though most was reluctant except for Rocket, they eventually agreed on the plan of escape. Each of them did their task while BabyDoll dance for the gentlemen. You don't actually get to see her dance cuz all she does is swing her shoulders left and right and you are taken into a different world where they are...fighting for survival. Well, the plan worked but everyone died except Sweet Pea. There were news that the creator is looking into making the movie into an anime series. I think that would fit better.

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The story of Little Red Riding Hood comes alive but she is not so little anymore. Scrap off that "little" and she is just Red Riding Hood.

Played by Amanda Seyfried, it seems Valerie (that's Red Riding Hood's name. She doesn't go by RRH, you know) is all sexed up with boobs, ass and hormones. From the beginning we could tell that she is one horny bitch and putting Seyfried in that character just made it a little bit playboy-ish. It goes that the 700 year old legend is being interpreted and the wolf has strike again. Only in the movie, it's not a wolf :) it's a...WEREWOLF! (That's the trend these days. Maidens want to be captured by vampires and werewolves) Grandmother still lives outside of town, all secluded. Now, if you are a good grandma, why would you live so far away and risk your granddaughter walking a certain distance just to deliver you some food? Don't you know a werewolf is on the loose?

One thing though, the audience would never had seen it coming in terms of who is the werewolf. Valerie also had a sister but she was killed off in the beginning by the werewolf (hopefully it's not Jacob although the movie started with a very Twilight feel-theme) Valerie can be seen in almost every scene with either the lumberjack, Peter or Henry, the blacksmith. Peter would push her off on the bed of leaves and she would breathe and pant heavily. If she had her way, she would had raped Peter. This Red Riding Hood, one hell of a lustful one.

Bear in mind when you watch this movie, forget everything you know bout the story of Little Red Riding Hood. THAT story is only inserted during the last half hour of the show. Other than that, it's Twilight-ish.

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Guess WHO?!

It's been nearly A MONTH since I last updated this good 'ol blog of mine! Can you believe that?! I used to put up a new post every single day. Guess I got too busy and too tired. Well, I'm back once more. Bitter-er and bitchier than ever.

So much has happened within 1 month and it felt like I've been back from KL for such a long time but it's only been 1 month. How time pass so slowly. The tik and the tok did not go that fast for me. New semester, new lecturers, stronger friendships (some) and new friendnemies. semester, the semester for final project. Headache but let's not talk about that first. Gotta update bloggy :)

xoxo - Jo$eph

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


One word for this coming semester, TiRiNG. Can I just pause LiFE for a moment and rest? I can't handle so many things. I can't juggle so many things. Studies, assignments, tests, projects, exams then final project and to top it off, work.

Let's see, this semester I've got 6 essays with a minimum of 1, 500 words. A research paper of minimum 5,000 words, an advertising campaign, minor PR assignments, a PR final project that has to be big and grand, international politics paper, tutorial activities involving political stuffs and work...

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back To School

Year 2 Semester 2. A semester away from final year, final semester. Just few semester to brace through before graduation. Here we go again. Doing what we do best, study, assignments, projects and exams.

I see familiar faces and places but I do not recognize them. I see juniors I know and used to chat with but I don't know how or what to talk to them. We are seniors now. It feels powerful but at the same time, I feel awkward to be in this position. A position where people seem to expect the best from you. There's a certain pressure to do well. A certain pressure to excel above others.

I always tell myself to study after each class, do a mini-revision. It never worked because I never did do it. I end up playing around, hanging out but I still manage to do well in my exams. Luck? Born smart? I'd say a little of both but mostly, my own way of studying. So what subjects this semester?

Advanced Writing Skills
PR: Management & Practice
Advertising: Copywriting & Media Planning
Introduction to International Polictics
Mass Media Law & Policy In Malaysia

A total of 5 subjects this semester. Would love to take up Feature Writing and Electronic News but it's not being offered this semester. Well, at least I got time to get a job to save my sorry arse.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

To the left or to the right? No idea. I don't know where I am heading in life. At the age of 21, I supposed I should start saying 22 although it's not my birthday yet. I still don't know what I'm gonna do with my life.

Question: If all we do is study, graduate, work, buy what we want/need and end up losing everything because we will eventually die. Isn't that so? So, what's the use of striving so hard just to get through ONE day when you're gonna lose it all sooner or later.

Question: What am I supposed to do with my life? People say I'm talented, smart, blahblahblah. Unfortunately, I don't see it so I don't know where I'm supposed to go or do with this 'talent'.

Question, question, questions...

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Schamcy Sundae!

Sunday morning, rain is pouring. Ahh, wouldn't that be perfect? A lazy Sunday just before the semester starts but unfortunately it's not raining. Just spending a very slow, lazy Sunday with some songs and TV series. Been going back to the past lately with the series I am watching. Animation wise, chasing up to Cardcaptor Sakura, one of my favourite animes growing up. I even know the opening and ending theme. Well, I used to. For TV series, I'm in the mood for The Nanny, The Bill Cosby Show and The GeorgevLopez Show. Ahh, good times...

So what's your playlist for a lazy Sunday? Trust me, I've got no Gaga on my Sunday playlist :)

The Script - Breakeven

Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love

M2M - The Day You Went Away

Aqua - Turn Back Time

Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud

Kate Voegele - Manhattan From The Sky

Lenka - We Will Not Grow Old

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Born To Be Brave

Pretty much every one of Gaga's little monsters are anticipating Gaga's new album which will be release in May. Titled 'Born This Way', it truly stands for everything Gaga believes in. We've heard the title track and it's an anthem by itself. Malaysia however, decides to put a censorship on Born This Way's lyrics. The part with the most impact which says "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, trans-gendered life" was censored with some mumbling or on some station, it gets cut straight to the chorus. 1 words, WHAT-THE-HELL? Grow up, Malaysian Government!

Next, there's this hype/rumor that's been going around that Gaga is secretly practicing a cult, satanic one to be exact. Last year, there were rumors that her song, Paparazzi contains demonic message and images. Now everyone is repeating the same thing because Gaga decides to look different in this upcoming album. To be precise, horns and spikes that pokes out of her body. Personally, I think Gaga's had enough of all the slandering and rumors that she just say 'Fuck it, I'm gonna do what I want and if demonic is what you want, that's what you get'. So what if she did put implants on her shoulders? I don't think so but if it's true, it still can be remove. This is just Gaga being creative and pushing a little bit more on her showmanship. I know for a fact that there are Gaga-haters who enjoys listening to her music secretly.

I'll just wait for the album to come out but I'm sure along the way, there will be lots of slandering and it should stop.

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Back Bitter & Bitchier

It's Saturday and eversince I came back to Penang, all I've been doing and feeling is to eat and sleep. Being back here feels good because I get to see the people I love and yet I'm already missing the people I got to know and love in KL. I hated KL at first but then I grew accustomed to it. Noticed how I didn't say I love it? I only love the stores there and SOME of the people there. Fashion there is defnitely way better and different than in Penang. I've been so struck and awe-amazingly by fashion peeps who dons Vintage and Boho stuffs. Now back in Penang, all I see are lalas. No wonder people call me a lala in KL when they know I'm from Penang.

I'm gonna miss the fashion in KL. Vintage! Boho! T.T

Anyways, back in Penang. Today Saturday, Sunday comes next and then Monday. Class starts...
Can't wait? Probably...

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, it's officially my last day in Freeform today. I tried to hold myself from tearing up but from inside, I was tearing up. I even took myself to the toilet and just try to take a breather. It's finally the last day...

Last day of me waking up at 9am and ended up arriving in office at 10.30am onwards.
Last day I'll ever stepped into the lift, pressing level 6, keying-in the security lock to enter the office, signing-in as "TRAiNEE", head to my desk and switch on my yellow Dell laptop and plug-in my mouse and external hard disk.
Last day hugging my lime green pillow while doing my work.
Last day changing the water in the pantry.
Last day going out lunch with Freeformers at Tappers, The Bee, One Chef, Jaya Noodle House, Nando's, Marufuku Udon House, Uncle Sam's, Old Town, opposite road's mamak or Jackson's Burger at Section 14. Last day going to Cold Storage at 4pm with some of the Freeformers.

I don't know if I'll ever see these people again but I do hope we will CROSS-PATHS again. Thank you for having me in your world and showing me the tiny world of Freeform. To Karen, Priya, Joshua Desmond, Sueann, Joshua Chay, Minky, Shantee, Ilani, Gwen, Helmelia, Niki, Emily, Mita and everyone else in Freeform, FANK YOU so muchy!

Mita now has my lime green pillow :) Take care of my 'legacy'.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Joshua Desmond linked me bloggy and here I am, blogging bout you guys AGAiN! Hehe, here's the people I've got to know and fell in love with during the 3 months duration of my internship :)

Freeformer #1 - Karen
She's mean, VERY mean! Haha but the NiCE covers up her MEAN. She's nicely mean. Make sense? Nope, but Karen is nice with capital NiCE! Despite the petite appearance, there's all the knowledge in this woman and she's full of advices, haha. She's fun on and off work.

Karen likes: Coke Light and she's a VERY serious person. She's also stressed all the time. Oh, and Fort Awesome!

Freeformer #2 - Sueann
Mama Chola reign supreme! She's so loveable and the office is never the same without her. No random quiz or jokes. No random videos or some sort of themed stuffs.
Sueann Likes: Gays and US! Haha! Call her Chong Sueann to get under her skin :)

Freeformer #3 - Shantee
She's got big, big and I mean really big eyes! Everytime she introduce herself as Shantee, people go "huh? Shantee?" Make no mistake, she's a CiNA from Penang :) Sometimes it's Shantee, sometimes it's Shanti but most of the time it's just Shaquantay (yeah, she's GHETTO like that!).
Shantee Likes: Peace sign for her accessories. Her boyfriend who picks her up all the time. Minky and Karen. Oh, and her lips go M-shape when camera clicks :)

Freeformer #4 - Minky
Sometimes known as Minkeh. She's hyper, always happy on the outside and is bound to get a hold of your Blackberry and Facebook when you are not aware. She hails from UK so she knows a limited amount of Malay words such as her infamous "TAK MAU" and lately she's been doing the "lah and aiyo" alot. Returning to UK as an Ah Lian?
Minky Likes: Joshua Desmond for being AWESOME. She also likes changing information on our Facebook :) but she no likey chinamen.

Freeformer #5 - Joshua Desmond
He wears a cap/hat/beanie everyday. He gets his food last in The Bee. He's secretly in love with all of us. Did not talk to him much at first but yeah, he's cool. Nice guy, flirts around. Karen's supposed bestie. He likes to say that he gets his Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich last because he's BLACK.
Joshua Desmond Likes: ALL OF US! His girlfriend and erm, flirting? Hmm, iDK. 1 thing's for sure, he likes ALL of US!

Freeformer #6 Priya
Priya is my supervisor and she's got this face that wants you to say "Yo, Priya" HAHA! You couldn't asked for a better supervisor other than OMG Priya! Yeah, you will laugh each time she says OMG. Priya is also stressed daily because she got exams and Minky to deal with. Haha! Oh and Karen, haha.
Priya Likes: KFC, egg tarts and Gwen. She likes to say OMG also.

Freeformer #7- Gwen
She's old and new because she's been in Freeform but left and now she's back. She's got a very cute name behind that Gwen and it's not Gwendolyn! Very detailed in her work like everyone else here and she's mean and nice like Karen!
Gwen Likes: Her curfew and Joshua Desmond. She also likes Priya. But most of all, she likes chicken (today)

Freeformer #8- Mita
She's Joshua Desmond's partner-in crime. She likes indie stuffs alot. She likes her MacBook because I see her staring at it all day long.
Mita Likes: Writing. Doesn't like eating but she got excited over pizza today :)

Freeformer #9 - Li Xian
The Ah Lian of the office! Haha, go la, go color your hair some more xD! She's nice lar, haha. Thanks to the Maxis iPhone video project, got the chance to know her more. Haha, you know my nickname for you! Crotchy, haha!
Li Xian Likes: Saying Chill! and OMG, are you serious?! Jumpsuits, macarons, in general. She likes Maggi Mee from Wong Kok! HAHA!

Freeformer #10- Joshua Chay
The other Joshua in the office. This is the fairer one (I'm NOT RACiST). He's quiet, sometimes VERY QUiET. I thought he's gay when I first came in.
Joshua Chay Likes: WOMEN. He likes them ALOT!

Freeformer #11- Helmelia
She's kinky, cool and fun. The kinky part came in after she chopped off her hair. Some call her Mils, some call her Hels, whatever it is, her name is DAMN FREAKiNG cool!
Helmelia Likes: Joshua Chay and Tasha. HAHA!

Freeformer #12 - Ilani
She used to be in-charge of the Tongue In Chic store until she decides to leave. She's full of this weird type of personality but it's cool. We always see her in the pantry round 4pm and if you stare at her, she'll do a Beyonce or some other dance.
Ilani Likes: The Tongue In Chic Store and bright colors. And of course, her Kelisa.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 11. It's supposed to last till Week 10 only but I extended me training and it's worth while because being where I am for my training, it's F-U-N! Have you ever come across people who works and yet are fun? Serious but fun? Oh, don't forget the major FRiENDLY-ness with these people. Although coming to KL burnt a very big hole in my pocket, I am glad I came because it's supposed to go this way! Knowing these people is the greatest in life so far. It's an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. Lots of people may complain bout their company or say they won't miss their intern company but I'll miss mine a whole LOT! I've still got life to settle in Penang but I know I'll always have a part of life here in Petaling Jaya where Freeformers are. Freeformers are stylish, cool, fun and everything unique. Oh! and when Freeformers come out to play, you wouldn't want to NOT be part of them because they are such a fun bunch! Everyone has their own style and unique. You don't settle for the ordinary joe or plain jane look here in Freeform. Everyone's certainly has their own thing called style. I am proud to call myself a Freeformer although it's only for 3months.

xoxo Hosef with LOVE...

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Top10

I'm just plain bored and was browsing through and came across the current Top 10 songs in Billboard. Kinda like the current chart and I have to admit because I'm bias. I like these types of song and so the Top 10 are...*drum roll*

10. Katy Perry - Firework
This is one of the songs from Katy Perry which everyone sings to, has such meaningful lyrics and yet people make fun of it simply because Katy decides to shoot fireworks from her boobs, there's even fireworks from the crotch. It resolved in tons and tons of spoofs/parody. Two of the ones that caught my attention was from The Key Of Awesome and Sherry Vine.

9. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You/I'm Lovin' You)
Whichever way you wanna call. Enrique's song has always ooze sex appeal but this song? I don't just feels rude. I still like Takin' Back My Love and Do You Know(The Ping Pong Song). It's like running around saying to his fans that he's going to F them tonight. Well, at least the song rhymes when he goes "Here's the situation, been to every nation. Nobody can make me feel the way that you do. You know my motivation, given my reputation. Please excuse me I don't mean to be rude but tonight I'm fuckin' you". Well, he gets away with it because he's YUM-O. Here's a parody from DizzyCityNation. The guy in white is YUM-O too :)

8. Katy Perry feat. Kanye West - E.T
Katy Perry is in the chart again and this time, no fireworks from her boobs. Just her singing about her fascination with aliens. Russel Brand not good enough? Who knows. I would have love the song if it's not for "Mr. Ego Who Must Win Every Award If Not, They Are Racist" Kanye West. It's pretty catchy and fun especially the chorus part but there shouldn't be no Kanye inside. Maybe Katy wants an alien to abduct her and she'll give birth to her own little monsters so she can be called Mother Monster? Parody courtesy of Hit Single SPOOFS :)

7. Ke$ha - Blow
Ke-Dollar Sign-ha's latest single, Blow. Radio says it has a controversial title. I don't think so. It's not like she's singing blowjob or anything. Not her best hit but it's ohkay lar. I'm sure everybody is still hooked on the infectious Tik Tok and BlahBlahBlah. Who cares if she uses auto-tune. I don't. It's a different form of music and it's pretty refreshing I would say. It's fun, sexy and slutty! I wouldn't say much about the video though. There's unicorns, rainbow colored blood and that guy from Dawson's worries, no mythological creatures were harm in the making :) Parodies courtesy of KeepTheHeat and nayders07.

6. Bruno Mars - Grenade
The artist with the CHEESiEST song lyrics of all time. It's not that I don't like him but he's stating the impossible and something nobody would do. "I'll catch a grenade for ya, throw my hands on the plane for ya. I'd jump infront of the train for ya". Ya, right. If a grenade comes infront of you and your girl, you would spear her away from it, not catch it. There's also another single where he sings "I do, I do, I do. I'd marry you". Cheesy much? Go away Bruno! Here's a parody from Key Of Awesome :)

5. Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On The Floor
J.Lo is back with a little injection of Pitbull. I saw an article somewhere that this song is supposedly a Chinese song and J.Lo just did a cover on it. I've took a listen to it and its fun for clubbing and dancing but it's not something to sing-along. Still on the fence with this one. Guess the song's too fast for a parody? Couldn't find one or maybe it's in the process...well, J.Lo still has it in here and I say GO J.Lo even though I'm not a big fan of this single.

4. P!nk - Fuckin' Perfect
Great song, meaningful and great lyrics. Something different for the youth out there. The song gives one a sense of belonging and helps build confidence. P!nk, yes she changed her spelling from Pink to exclamation mark as the "i". P!nk may not look the part of a role model but she is in terms of her songs. Most of her songs has the angry feel to it but that's just like everyone of us. We all have been through the teenage angst and I've always been able to relate to P!nk's songs. Who would do a parody of this song? No wayyyyy :)

3. Rihanna - S&M
It's RiRi with her sexually overdosed song "appropriately" titled, S&M. For those of you who don't know, S&M stands for Slave & Master. A form of sexual fetish that Rihanna seems to like. I don't have anything against Rihanna but don't you think Rihanna is getting a little over-sexed up? She's practically singing about sex in all her songs. Soon after she sings about it, she "forgets her name". LOL...but I do like her look in S&M's music video though...Here's a parody courtesy of DxDutch.

2. Cee Lo Green - Fuck You/Forget You
The usual case with any song with the F word is bound to be changed to something else that is "appropriately clean". I love, love, love, LOVE this song! Not only it so relate-able, it's something so common nowadays. I am having this on my iTunes as I'm typing this post. We've all been through the situation where we lost someone we really loved and thought loved us back but the only obstacle was because of the ka-ching. So, here's to these people! Forget you! Cause being in love shouldn't be expensive. Love both this version and Gwyneth Paltrow's version in GLEE. One hell of a parody! Check this out! Courtesy of DeStorm :)

1. Lady Gaga - Born This Way
We all know this song would top the chart and it did. Only expect the best from Lady Gaga. The main reason why I love this song because it's an anthem for the queers and it sends such a strong message across. I wouldn't say so about the music video though. Personally, there's no connection between the song and the music video but with lyrics like "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, trans-gendered life. I'm on the right track, baby I was born to survive", what's not to love with this song. A song that is an unofficial anthem, with a strong sense of social responsibility. But be prepared for a very long-winded MV. Here's a parody from Ms. Sherry Vine herself and gregsgarcini :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Given The BOHEMiAN Rhapsody

What has Kay-Elle done to me? In terms of thinking, the way I talk and also fashion wise. Fashion changed quite big! Been seeing tons of style instead of Penang having one style only, Lala. There are lalas here but there's also different kind of style and fashion. To date, my favourite would be the Vintage look and the Boho Look. For those who goes "Boho what?" Boho means Bohemian. It's a heavy influence of the 70s hippie style. Often linked to the Peace sign.There are lots of BLOGSHOP sells boho and vintage items for ladies but NOT ENOUGH of them in the market for men :(

For the ladies who wanna try Vintage look, you can head to:

As for accessories, try:

These 2 blogshops are my favourite for accessories so far...

Sorry guys but I couldn't find any blogshop selling boho or vintage stuff for men. I do wish they have though. I only found lots of Korea/Japanese/Taiwan blogshops but if you wanna try some Boho look, here are some tips :)

Boho style, also known as Bohemian and Boho-chic, is a fashion trend which borrows heavily from Hippie-chic undertones, vintage finds, and earthy charm to promote self-expression and a unique twist. It can be a difficult style for men to pull off, without looking like vagabonds or starving artists. But just as Hippie-chic is unisex, and vintage clothing stores cater to both male and female shoppers, Boho fashion can work for men just as much as for women. Often, Boho style has a romantic element incorporated for men's designs; tapping into your inner Casanova can work wonders with the freedom afforded by Boho style.
 Here are 5 tips of making this fashion trend work for you:
  1. Decide on which Boho style element you want to stress, an especially essential step for men even more than female enthusiasts of this trend. Boho style offers limitless creativity, but each outfit should be limited to one or two types of Boho; vintage, hippie-chic, earthy, romantic, etc. Combining a woven organic vest, tie-dyed bell-bottoms, a fedora and distressed tie would overwhelm any man trying to dress Boho.
  2. Take caution with distressed items. It is a very thin line between Boho—and Hobo. While buying designer jeans systematically engineered to look well past their prime, dressing in the Boho style gives every guy an opportunity to keep those comfortable old sandals, torn-knee jeans, and faded Superhero T-shirt. These personalized elements are actually the key to wearing Boho style believably. Argue that the next time your date challenges the longevity of your most comfortable clothes!
  3. Think: Rebel Actor. Johnny Depp, Paul Newman, James Dean—all celebrity men who have embodied the Boho style and attitude, possibly without even trying. Depp often has a hippie-chic undertone in his wardrobe on movie sets. Is this a reflection of his personal tastes or does the wardrobe automatically associate the free-thinking, humble, handsome rebel with Bohemia?
  4. Boho lives in the details. The tiniest of embroidery, the subtlest seashell cufflinks, the most faded and unusual socks—these unexpected details are a feast for the eyes, and provided limitless potential to let your personality shine through your clothing and accessories. If the 1940’s are your favorite era, try incorporating elements of that period of fashion into your wardrobe. Part of the freedom of Boho is deciding which fashion rules apply to you.
  5. Understand the Boho Attitude. Boho style enthusiasts argue that Bohemian fashion is 20% clothing, 30% attitude and 50% freedom of thought. Men are taught from childhood to “be their own man.” Perhaps Boho style is the perfect opportunity for modern men to be creative and interested in fashion without compromising their individuality.

This space here was supposed to be about Vintage look and Boho look for ladies but then again, there's so much you can get on these looks for the ladies via Tongue In Chic @ so check it out over there :) Meanwhile, these are some look that's really in right now :)

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Neely The Anthony :)

Was in Sungai Wang doing some minor shopping. Was in RedBox earlier in the morning for a K-session which I had been missing out for 3months! I did Cee Lo Green's Forget You for 5 times! Can you believe it? Sang Anthony Neely's Sorry That I Loved You 3times and was told he's going to be in Sungai Wang at about 7.30pm. Haha, i was in a blur because my friends kept saying Nee An Dong coming and I was like 'who is that lar"? Then she told me, I sang one of his songs just now and light bulb suddenly appear, Anthony Neely! Haha...I'm not big with the whole fans thing but all the little girls...OHMGEE, signs, cakes, certificate and such. I like Neely just for that one song because it's very meaningful to me.

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