Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back Bitter & Bitchier

It's Saturday and eversince I came back to Penang, all I've been doing and feeling is to eat and sleep. Being back here feels good because I get to see the people I love and yet I'm already missing the people I got to know and love in KL. I hated KL at first but then I grew accustomed to it. Noticed how I didn't say I love it? I only love the stores there and SOME of the people there. Fashion there is defnitely way better and different than in Penang. I've been so struck and awe-amazingly by fashion peeps who dons Vintage and Boho stuffs. Now back in Penang, all I see are lalas. No wonder people call me a lala in KL when they know I'm from Penang.

I'm gonna miss the fashion in KL. Vintage! Boho! T.T

Anyways, back in Penang. Today Saturday, Sunday comes next and then Monday. Class starts...
Can't wait? Probably...


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