Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back To School

Year 2 Semester 2. A semester away from final year, final semester. Just few semester to brace through before graduation. Here we go again. Doing what we do best, study, assignments, projects and exams.

I see familiar faces and places but I do not recognize them. I see juniors I know and used to chat with but I don't know how or what to talk to them. We are seniors now. It feels powerful but at the same time, I feel awkward to be in this position. A position where people seem to expect the best from you. There's a certain pressure to do well. A certain pressure to excel above others.

I always tell myself to study after each class, do a mini-revision. It never worked because I never did do it. I end up playing around, hanging out but I still manage to do well in my exams. Luck? Born smart? I'd say a little of both but mostly, my own way of studying. So what subjects this semester?

Advanced Writing Skills
PR: Management & Practice
Advertising: Copywriting & Media Planning
Introduction to International Polictics
Mass Media Law & Policy In Malaysia

A total of 5 subjects this semester. Would love to take up Feature Writing and Electronic News but it's not being offered this semester. Well, at least I got time to get a job to save my sorry arse.


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