Sunday, April 3, 2011

Schamcy Sundae!

Sunday morning, rain is pouring. Ahh, wouldn't that be perfect? A lazy Sunday just before the semester starts but unfortunately it's not raining. Just spending a very slow, lazy Sunday with some songs and TV series. Been going back to the past lately with the series I am watching. Animation wise, chasing up to Cardcaptor Sakura, one of my favourite animes growing up. I even know the opening and ending theme. Well, I used to. For TV series, I'm in the mood for The Nanny, The Bill Cosby Show and The GeorgevLopez Show. Ahh, good times...

So what's your playlist for a lazy Sunday? Trust me, I've got no Gaga on my Sunday playlist :)

The Script - Breakeven

Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love

M2M - The Day You Went Away

Aqua - Turn Back Time

Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud

Kate Voegele - Manhattan From The Sky

Lenka - We Will Not Grow Old


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