Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yours Truly♥

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The END...

Its the end of Year1, Sem3. Its so fast...
Alot of things changed during this first year of college. Friendship made, friendship lost, new friendship gained. Misunderstanding every now and then. Trips here and there. Cliques formed, cliques got out of hand, people from different cliques jumped ship to different cliques. Haiz...society. Some that were close drifted apart. Those people you never thought you'd be able to be friends with, you did. Outings, movies, ALOT of RedBox sessions. So many things happened within this 1 year when we're all together.

Now, we'll be choosing our major. In August, it'll be the mark of our 2nd year. Year2 Sem1, THE YEAR! Where we'll be choosing either Broadcast, Journalism or PR & Advertising. I've seen seniors who were close choose different majors and they drifted apart. They rarely hang out together although the friendship is still there. Will it be the same for me and Hansel? Haha, I really sayang that Babi, AS A FRiEND! We've shared so many stories and situations together. PR..there are some that I'm skeptical to work with. Broadcast, even worse. Mostly can't work. Leechers mostly. Journalism, SOLO. I am worried for that Babi KHoo Hansel also because he is English educated like myself. And being English educated, our thinking is different. We are more receptive to ideas. Just worry he might not fit in, especially with all of Broadcast being overpowered with Chinese educated people. He is the minority there. If he can come over PR., then it'd be good. I go in Broadcast also no use, its only me and him. Previously, at least with Kher Shieu, still ok. Now, Kher Shieu's gone and at home growing mushroom (like she said).

Whichever path we choose, let's just hope things won't change anymore. Haha, no drastic changes at least...

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Joseph Goes To PC FAiR...

PC FAiR is here! Gosh! There's so many things that I want to get but pokaii! Manage to get earphone, an external webcam and most importantly, an external hard disk! Went around and survey every single stall. Went from Buffalo (NOT GOOD!), Hitachi, Western Digital, Seagate, FreeAgent, Trek, Imation and Kingmax. Finally settle for Kingmax's. 500GB for a very reasonable price. So much more worth it than normal days.

My PWETTY External Hard Disk

Best part of PC FAiR? Bumping into people you know. Even long lost friends. I was so happy today! Bumped into Cindy, a long long friend of mine. Know her since kingdergarden. Separated during primary then secondary same school again, till she moved. And now, found her back on Facebook like 2days ago and she tapped me at PC FAiR, she was working for some AntiVirus company. Haha...then bumped into Kenneth Yeoh, a primary school friend from St. Xaviers. Man, I still remember the times. He's a year younger than me and I always have this big brother act around him. Not bully, but jaga ah! Haha...

Other than that, there's also college friends, looks like Han Chiang owns Mois and PC FAiR, haha! Han Chiang people are EVERYWHERE! LOL! Its a good thing I guess...
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Its A Cold & Its A Broken HALLELUJAH...

Check out the cross, wei! I got it at St. Anne's Cathedral at BM. Feel so holy seeing it and I became temporarily HOLY after wearing it, haha! Its RED! RUBY RED! Went to St. Anne with a friend and he bought this for me. Thank you~

Its's been awhile since I wear a cross around my neck, Amen...

Our father in heaven,
Holy be thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On Earth as in Heaven,
Give us today our daily bread,
And forgive those who sin against us,
Do not being us to the test,
But deliver us from evil,

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This is NOT A BlackBerry

LOL! Yeah, this is not a BlackBerry as the title suggest. This is my new phone, its the Nokia E63. My beloved phone, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic went dead recently. Everytime I switch it on, it switches off by itself. Sent it for repair to save money, was told that the phone's software has been hacked and to repair it would cost RM500. Might as well I get a new phone. Browse around and got a good price for this little baby that I have grew to love. Wasn't good at using it at first but I've gotten use to it. The text messaging is pretty easy. Funny part was I only realized its a business phone when a friend of mine ask where are the games located. Then I noticed that there are NO games, LOL! Although I still haven't found where some stuffs are located in my phone but I love this phone, blekk...
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People's been making assumptions lately. So so so SiCK at them! All sorts of things have been assume by people about me just by taking a look at me. That I'm a player, a bad guy and things like that. And worst part?! They kept putting words up in my mouth. Things that I didn't even say! So fuck up la these people!

I am one of a kind but not the kind for you people to make ASSUMPTiONS and ACCUSATiONS!

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Exam Came & Went...

Dear Exam,

I don't hate you but I don't really fancy you also. You have your own pros and cons. You make me study every now and then. Thats your pro. Your cons? You make people go crazy and worry about everything. Especially my classmates. I don't worry about you, exam. Haha, because I know with enough sleep and confidence, I will conquer you. People always say I don't worry about you, Exam. And its true, I don't bother about you, haha. I don't goi all crazy and panic about you. Its not because I am smart or lanc. Its because I don't scare myself silly. Hehe...

Well, you gave me 3papers to deal with. Introduction To Mass Communication, Basic News Reporting & Writing and Sociology. I handle all the papers you gave me quite well, I would say. Lets pray and hope I did well. Amen! Praise the Lord!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fucka Fucka (A Parody Of Waka Waka)

You’re a good fucker
Choosing your bottoms
Lub yourself up
And put a condom on
Get back in the asshole
You’re doing it in public
Everyone’s watching
You know it’s sexual
We’re reaching orgasm
Don't you cum just yet

Its almost there, you feel it
But you want some more, you love it
When you feel the pain, say ah ah
And if you in pain, moan ah ah
Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder
Cause this is a gay porn

Fuck me, fuck me, harder
Do it, do it, faster
Speed it up and just give it to me
This is for all the gays

Take a look at the gay porn, it is our guidance
Don't wait for the scene
Just press fast forward
Y vamos por todo
Put your hands in your denim pants
Go on and feel it
That is your cock
No hesitation

Today’s the day
I'll fuck you
Open wide up,
Loosen it
If you need some lub
There's the KY
If you want to do it safe
There's Durex
Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder
Cause its a gay nation

Fuck me, fuck me, harder
Do it, do it, faster
Speed it up and just give it to me
Can you feel me today?
Fuck me, fuck me, harder
Do it, do it, faster
Speed it up and just give it to me
This is for all the gays

Oh yes, can you fuck me, fuck me harder
Oh yes, I feel it
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme more
Gimme, gimme, gimme more
Cause its a Gay Nation!

Fuck me, fuck me...
Do you like it...
Fuck me, fuck me...
Do you like it...

Fuck me, fuck me, harder
Do it, do it, faster
Speed it up and just give it to me
Can you feel me today?
Fuck me, fuck me, harder
Do it, do it, faster
Speed it up and just give it to me
This is for all the gays

Jungle balls, eh eh
Jungle balls, eh eh
Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder
Can you feel me...
Jungle balls, eh eh
Jungle balls, eh eh
Do it, do it, do it faster
Cause its a Gay Nation

We're all gays...
We're all gays...

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A New Place Called NEWAY

Went for a brief revision session with Vion and Helen at college's library earlier. Check out some of the past year question papers. While I was jotting down the notes, I received a call from an old friend, Hans. He asked me out for tea. I agreed since Vion and Helen won't be long anyways. I jot down all the notes I need and head out to college's front gate cause Hans was waiting outside already. He brought along a friend from KL, Leo whom appeared 'lanc' at first but turns out its just because he's tired. During our little snacks at Pappa Rich at E-Gate, he turns out to be really friendly and we watch the same shows, like the same type of movies. He said he needs a singing buddy for English songs. Hey, PERFECT...Waka Waka here, LOL!
So, we went to Neway and since I haven't try it, why not? I thought it'd be expensive but what the hell, just go. Reach there, student package larh...RM10 for a glass of drink and lunch for the 1pm-6pm session. We went in at 4pm. The greatest thing about Neway is they don't force us to take the tidbits. Instead, we can change for another glass of drink. I ordered a Tempura Platter. The food is SOOO MUCH better than Redbox's. We did ALL english numbers. FUN! Its in Queensbay otherwise, I would frequent Neway more.

Leo & I
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Monday, July 26, 2010


Of course its the past. Truth to be told, he don't like you that much either. He himself asked not to call you out. He told me to NOT call you out when he first told me he's coming back. He said call Hansel and Lee Wen, please do not call 'YOU'. Sure, we or I can budge into your conversation but seriously, you were hogging him all the time. You were right infront with him without caring about the people behind you. Going out in a group means walking in a group not 2 infront, 3 behind. I've always held my patience over this matter and others relating to you. I tried to avoid you because I don't want to tell you all these. One, you're a girl, second, you can't take the truth. You want to be liked by people. You've been sticking to Jason eversince you knew him and you knew him through me. He has got someone else now, I know that. He told me. We talked like friends. I don't need you to tell me that he's coming back or how long before he reach. For your information, I was the first to know that he's coming back because he called me and told me and also asked me to check the flight ticket. So, don't bother telling me. I don't need you to tell me he's my past. Here's the honest truth, I have no more feelings towards him. I wanted to catch up with him about his life and all. Not with you bugging and butting in. Don't you dare make assumptions that I emo in Redbox. I have my own things to think. I don't need you to make assumptions. I memang emo-King and everyone is allowed to be emo. I got my own reasons for staying quiet. What? Stay quiet mean I emo? I have to be talkative all the time? Here's the UGLY TRUTH, I don't enjoy you being there. GET iT NOW? I don't enjoy Redbox with you, get it??? Eversince that day when you told us you are free whole day to join us for Redbox but you rushed Hansel to send you back to college to ask extension for your assignment deadline, I've not enjoy Redbox with you eversince. We went out, we want to spend our whole day. Not rush here and there. You even got the guts to ask Hansel to take it to Queensbay for you when we're chillin' at Coffee Island. There was even one time where you ask me to ask Kelven to pick you up to go BoomBoom together. You GOT THE CHICKS to ask that? For one, you don't even know Kelven, he don't even know how you looked like and you yourself don't even know how you look like. You got the guts to ask me to do that? MUKA TEMBOK! And your assignments! You are our senior, my senior! You ask me to think of questions for your interviews? Not only once but few times. Aren't you abit ashamed to ask juniors to help you with your assignment and the best part? I haven't even take that subject! You damn good at blaming your group members when actual fact, you don't do much also. You told Lee Wen its about time you do your part in the assignment but you turned around and asked me for help.

You treat him like sister, or brother or whatever also I don't care. I don't know if you like him or if you ever did but if you did, it was damn stupid of you to do so because you fell for a gay. You remember when we went clubbin' for his farewell? You left your eyeliner at his house and you kept rushing and making a big deal out of it. Even Jason got fed-up with you! He's just being nice by not telling you. I don't mind being the ugly one to tell you THE UGLY TRUTH! You want talk about the past right? Let's dig up the past. When we were together, we want to dine together, just 2 of us. But you always want to join. We even had to lie about our break times. Sometimes we would compromise and let you join for lunch and dinner we would have just the two of us. You just don't get the clue much. Remember my colleague, Connie from UNDERSHOP? She herself said she could feel and tell that you like Jason. Even when college people asked if Jason is your BF, you didn't disagree and I was with him that time, WHAT THE FUCK, woman??? Truth be told, there aren't much gossips about you, just the TRUTH. I like you as a friend, Lee Wen tells me you actually care about me. I know but there are boundaries. There are limit and space. Not necessarily for you to know my boyfriends. You don't necessarily be my boyfriend's bestfriend or 'sister'. We are gay but we are still men. We have 'lanjiao' not 'cibaii'. Don't call us sisters. Its been kept too long. You should know all of these.

This will be my last post on this argument because it is longer worth arguing. I don't care anymore.

I know you would read this cause you'd be itching to so enjoy it!

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Anyone Wanna Rent It?

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I Wanna Be An Apprentice!

After all the chaos with ''someone'', I went to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice with my secondary school's classmate, Melven. Been excited about this movie. Firstly because its fantasy! Second, its SORCERY! I didn't know the storyline but when the movie began, I knew this is a movie that I will watch over and over again. Why? Because its all about the age old England folklore of Merlin.

The movie tells of Merlin's 3 apprentices. There's Balthazar (Nicholas Cage), Veronica (Monica Belucci) and Maxim (some fat, short and ugly fella). Merlin trusted them with the magical battle against Morgana La Fey, Merlin's greatest nemesis. But he should have trusted only two, Balthazar & Veronica for Maxim turned against Merlin and aided Morgana. Maxim turned on his friends and master because Veronica choose Balthazar instead of him =.= Resulted in Merlin getting killed by Morgana. Veronica sacrificed herself by sucking Morgana's soul into her own body. Morgana's strong magic was eating Veronica from the inside and to save Veronica and to keep Morgana from coming out, Balthazar kept them in the Grimhold, an artifacts which traps a person's soul and body. Merlin gave Balthazar a dragon figurine and told him to search for the Prime Merlinian who will be the only one capable of stopping Morgana from releasing her army of dead and defeating her.

The rest? Go watch the movie and find out. It was definitely worth watching =)
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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Jason came back from KL on Friday and took a trip down to Penang to hang out with us. I was so excited and happy to see him after few months. Its been since our break till now. He called and prior and told me check tickets and stuff and plan on activities when he comes back. This fella, act macam celebrity. Call him 'Cibaibrity', hahaha...(I can imagine Jason saying Fuck U)

Anyways, we went to Redbox. Me, Hansel, Emirul, Jason (of course) and Suet Ling, the uninvited guest. The reason why both me and Jason didn't wanna invite her was she would hog all the time. She would STICK to Jason like SUPER DUPER MEGA GLUE and I won't have time with him. Guess what, she did! Jason was with us for 4 hours++, I only managed to talk to him for less than 15minutes! The rest, she took it all away. We went out as a GROUP. Not couples or whatsoever. Imagine she and Jason walking infront, only two of them. While the 3 of us behind tail-gating so to speak. That is not a group. This is the usual thing that happens when she's around. Arghh!!! She claims they walk fast. We were left behind, they didn't even bother to call and find us. We had to find them back. Gurney Plaza is so big and you expect us to go round find you guys? Give a call? All these I don't mind. The thing I mind is YOU taking away the TiME I'm suppose to spend with him! If I'm the only one who felt leftout, then its my problem but even Hansel felt it! So, its not my problem. Its you hogging time and space. I admit, I like attention but not as much as you. I don't mind you care about me and wanting to know the boyfriends I have. I am ok with my friends getting along with my boyfriends but not with making me feel like you stealing my boyfriend aaway. Anyways, I don't have one now but if I ever do find one, I won't tell you. GOOD DAY!

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What A Day! What A Surprise!

Went to watch Pop Shuvit's showcase at Hard Rock Cafe today. Part of work. We stopped at Hard Rock Hotel to do 2 of our crosses. Had the chance to see Moots and the rest of Pop Shuvit. We got complimentary voucher to dine at Starz Diner. The infamous Hard Rock Hotel's buffet and it was damn good. After dinner, continued work. After work, its time to go BoomBoom! A friend of mine came from Taiping so we head there.

Damn! Home Sweet Home! I enjoyed my time there. It feels sooo nice. Trincy's there, Mark's there, Timmy's there, Kayven's there, Daniel was there and other friends, gosh! Haha...although today I didn't pay attention to the show. Guess I was tired and a lil bit lazy...but I finally got the chance to talk to Freda! Hahaha...

Today was WAY better than my birthdays that I had for the past years...

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

HiTZ Too...

Hello? I'm under Hitz and so is Reena. Daryl is my friend, I love him as a friend. But go around with Daryl like he's with Hitz instead of us. For one, you introduced him as Daryl, the guy who's supposed to work with Hitz. Us? ''Uh guys, these are the LOCALS HiRED.'' Great, where did our names fly to? 

Best example? Today, 24th July 2010 at Hard Rock Cafe where Pop Shuvit had their showcase. After the showcase, you took Daryl and Timothy round with Moots and the rest of Pop Shuvit. While we are both left in the bus. You guys makan inside the cafe while we're both in the bus stuck with this Revive Isotonic while you guys eating in Hard Rock Cafe with Moots. We are part of the Hitz team, treat us equally if you will. Fuck it even if we're only part of the team for 3months. Chunky once said in Hitz, we're like a family. Sorry, I don't feel the family vibe. Who are Daryl and Timothy? I have nothing against them. They're cool but they can be consider as friends/visitors. Who are we (Me & Reena)? Your friend (if you even consider that) and your colleague under Hitz (the same company as yours). I bet you wished it was Daryl who worked with you instead of me, right? Cause Daryl can drink and party with you. I'm just a LOCAL HiRED. You like embarassing us? Fine. You go round like a VIP today with Daryl and Timothy while we're in the bus like dumb-arse. People must be wondering, ''aren't these two from Hitz as well? Why is it that it feels like they're from 2 separate groups?''

Joseph - THE END

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Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

Yeah, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Part of me is sick of finding for 'it' already. Part of doesn't want to give up. Been getting too young for relationship from others lately. Its so pissing and damn annoying to hear that because I'm already 21! Geez! What? When I reach 25 only can start looking is it?

Although I haven't found what I'm looking for, I did found something else. Friends who are worth keeping. Friends who love me alot. Even some that I just got to know. What Catherine post today on her Facebook really touched my heart. Cat, I've known not too long ago only and you said you treat me like your little brother. I am so touched. I am the only child in the family and yeah, both Margaret and you gave me the big sister feeling. Especially you, haha. Although I haven't found LOVE, I've found love from friends like you. Love from Vion, Hansel, Helen, Winnie, Kher Shieu, Wai Kit, Lee Wen, Suet Ling, Eleen, Stephanie, Eena, Celyn, Erine and others that are really close to me. I love all of you.

Joseph - Still Searching...

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Dwelling On The Past

Is it so hard to find love? I went through 6 relationships. Only 1 was memorable. There was another that I thought would be memorable but it turned out to be bunch of lies. It seems love won't come around for me. People say wait for the right time. I'm STiLL WAiTiNG. Some told me ''no love won't die''. Its not the matter of dying or not, its the matter of lonely, the emptiness in my heart that needs to be filled. Till this point, I have fallen in and out of love. When I fall in love, I give it my all. The benefactor? My lovers. But when everything comes crashing down, I get hurt the most for giving my all. The are a few who comes around and tell me the have feelings and all but not ready to commit. Here's a tip: Don't say these things if you're not ready, its just a bunch of bullshit!

The 1 memorable relationship I had was with Jason. Too bad it all went down to the drain because he decided to go for his ex. This relationship is really the greatest for me. Although it was brief but the amount of love that I felt at that time, the amount of attention, the amount of laughters and tears we shared. The calls and smses, the lunch and dinner we had together, working just next door to each other. Our blog, the one we created. It was full of posts and videos dedicated to each other. I still remember him getting jealous over small matters, haha. So cute. The most memorable part, we ALWAYS tease each other, make each other angry then persuade back. Sending each other MMS of our latest picture while apart. So damn free, right? Nothing to do...haha. With him, everyone knows about us because we have alot of mutual friend. Parting with him was the saddest thing to deal with. I cried and cried and cried. Listened to our song, the songs he introduced to me. The song that we went through was JS' Officially Missing You ^^ Pictures we took. ''Pictures of U, pictures of ME ^^ He was one boyfriend that I took the most pictures with cause we are both major cam-whore! I guess now, I could keep trying but things will never change. He's moved on, I've moved on too (don't misunderstand this post). I just miss the times with him. And he's in KL now. While we were still together, I went to KL to find him. I enjoyed and cherish the moments and times I had with him in KL. Ironic part was, we parted right after I got back from KL. Jason Hong, know this that you'll always be my greatest love (although it sounds corny). You are one of those special people in my heart.

After the times I spent mending my broken heart from the break from Jason, Kelven came along. He treated me really good at the beginning. I thought he's the one (I thought Jason was also larh...) He takes me around. We go for dinner every alternate days. Meet very frequently, very sweet to each other. All it took was one week and he went back to his old-self, a compulsive liar. Lying just about everything. From his illness that he's got low blood pressure (LBP) that will cause him to faint at any times to clubbing. He lied and say he fainted (which he claims he really did) but my friend bumped into him in Mois. My best friends will recognize my boyfriends because I've always been proud of my boyfriends, my friends knows that. But I was wrong with this guy. Later on, he dissappear for 5days. I went to find him at his house, he got his maid to tell me he's in Taiping. His car was right infront...and the maid went inside the house and came out 15mins later, how can the maid not know if he's at home or not if its true? I'm no fool. I went to his work place the next day cuz I know thats one place he can't avoid me. Confronted him and he admitted that he was indeed in his room. He lied. Telling me he couldn't face me and stuffs. Wokayyy, whatever you say. Here comes the big bang. He went to Singapore, called me everyday while he was there. Told me going Hatyai on the day he comes back to Malaysia. The day he's supposed to be in Hatyai? I bumped into him at Sea Winds, Tanjung Bungah with none other than his ex. We broke up already that time but he still had to lie. He would call when he feels like it. When I call, he won't pick up. What is with all this need to lie? Prior to that, he had an accident just around my housing area, he called me and ask me to find him. Went there, told me ''I really DO love you, I don't know why I quit this relationship''. Well, what can I say? What do I have to say? I was speechless cuz he said it all. Everything is all based on his words. And now? There's no news from him. The song that I went through with him was Hero by Enrique Iglesias. I started a blog for him too. This is my thing, I blog about my boyfriends in a private blog that is shared between us only. Call it modern day love letters.

And now, my song, my own solo journey song...Simple Plan's Welcome To My Life :)
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'Cause I'm A GYPSY...

This is sorta like a parody of Shakira's Gypsy.
Please listen to the song while reading the 'lyrics' ^^

(Gypsy Parody)
Lost my bra on the road
Spent the weekend finding my lingerie back
Condoms and dildos get along
Jerking gets too boring
When you learn how to suck

Not the girl-next door kind
Take my top off and who knows what you might find
Can't satisfied you all the time
You can bet that I will try
But you can't cum 7times

'Cause I'm a hooker
Are you sleeping with me?
I might steal your bras and wear them if they fit me
1 night cost you fifty
Just like a hooker
And I won't slow down
'Cause I'm already high on it
And I won't cry even if it's too painful
When you do it fast
'Cause I'm a hooker('Cause I'm a hooker)

I can't tellwhat I've done
My vagina reminds me of just how deep that they have went
To whom it may concern
Only fuck with condoms when you want to be safe


I said 'Hey you'
You're damn horny
If I say 'NO'
You still force me into it
People fear what they haven't try
Come along for the ride, Oh yeah
Come along for the ride, whoo-hoo


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Know! Like OMG, right?

This is the 4th day of Revision Week and guess what?! I haven't even touched a chapter! I tell myself I need to study but I end up lazing around. Exam is exactly a week from today and I am soooo doomed! Tonight must go study group already! Don't care with who, as long as there's somebody. I don't want my CGPA to be pulled down any further. I don't wanna go below 3.0!

People should stop thinking and saying I'm smart and clever cause I'm SO NOT! I am a bimbo! Hahahaha...for this semester only larh...
I am perceived as smart and clever because of the way I talk, the way I carry myself, the way I act. Blekkk...I'm not a God so don't larh...worship me or anything. Zzz...even if I'm God, I would be God of the Gays not God of Nerds, blekkk!

I get bored sooo easily. I need something to spice up my life! Don't know what to post anymore larh...!!!

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Active Wednesday...

While waiting for movie to start which was 9.25pm, we went round Gurney, heh. Adrian left early cuz he had to go to gym. Janice went for movie at 5pm. My RedBox session was 2pm until unlimited time but I left at 7pm cuz I ran out of voice already. Otherwise, I would have stayed till 10pm, haha! Anyways, I joined Robert & George for movie.

We watched Despicable Me. Cute movie, really cute although the storyline is kinda lame and very ''pian gii na''. If it wasn't for the 3 little girls in the movie, it wouldn't be funny nor interesting. Its been awhile since I stepped into the cinema. Missed out on lots of movies. Tiring day, after Redbox followed by movie. Although I had to sing all by myself in Redbox after 5pm, I kinda enjoyed it because I get to sing naturally. Somehow, I manage to project my voice easier, haha. I still love the company of my friends. They are like my audience, hehe...

Check out this shirt that I found in FOS although I didn't buy it. It was priced at RM53. Overpriced for this kind of shirt and for FOS. Although I did get a formal shirt from SEEDS for RM32 after 70% discount. My formal shirt have always been from SEEDS and Padini. I only buy 'em during their SALES which normally offers up to 70% discount for their members. Imagine a SEEDS formal shirt thats priced at RM109 for RM32 after discount...Heh, I'm a smart & wise shopper! This is a confession of a shopaholic~

Kinda obsessed with plaids lately

ACT CUTE! Blekk...
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RedBox Whore?

I went to RedBox like 2days ago only and I'm back here again. Been addicted to singing recently. Not only that, been repeating Waka Waka again and again, LOL! Everytime I go Redbox, I would start with Blue's Best In Me follow-up with Shakira's Waka Waka, Life For Rent and White Flag, both by Dido. Then the rest randomly pick. Haha...
I was supoosed to go today with Stephanie but this pig overslept and didn't even bother to call me, ish! You ah...!!! I search my Facebook and MSN list whole morning and found Adrian to accompany me! Thank god! This is my first time going out with Adrian actually. On my way there, I bumped into Janice. We had planned to go RedBox for such a long time but never made it because of our schedule. Funny thing is, we bumped into each other in none other than RedBox. Oh, and apparently, I'm quite known in RedBox, haha. The waiter who served our room told me he don't need to check me for my student card because I'm like a regular, haha...I should have ask for that guy's name. Its so rude when people know who I am but I don't even know their names.

Adrian & Me!

Janice & Me!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Felling A Lil Outta Control...

Christina Aguilera is back with her single Not Myself Tonight. Makeups and clothes were outrageous, quirky, weird. In other words, Gaga-like. Sorry to say that Aguilera seems to be channeling Gaga's sense of fashion. From the beginning of the music video, it is clear that the inspiration was Gaga. The were parts of the MV that looked like Bad Romance. Then there's the whole outfits which suggested SM play.

Now lets talk about the song. I can't even understand a single thing except for ''I'm not myself tonight. Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl.'' Yeah, thats about all. Its not really catchy, its just the MV that grab people's attention. I still applaud Aguilera for this single. It took effort, courage and 'I Don't Give A Damn' attitude to come out with something like this.

Jo$eph - I'm Not The Same Girl, Same Girl
(Course not! I'm A BOY)
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I AM...

I've always love to sing since I was young but never had the guts to do so infront of people. It all changed recently when I enter my college's singing competition. For once, I was pretty relaxed. Yeah, I had butterflies in my tummy but the moment I got up the stage, the butterflies flew away. I was so happy just to be on the stage! I love the stage. I always say this: I'm not a singer, I'm a performer. I know myself. I can't sing well but I know how to entertain the crowd.

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Is It Just Me?

I have this pet peeve. I really hate it when people don't reply to my sms or my messages. If they are Away/Idle, I'm cool with it but if they are set to Available and they don't reply after awhile, I get agitated. I would want to keep messaging but afraid it would be annoying so I just keep quiet. When it comes to phone, if I don't get reply...I get agitated too. I would start to think that I've done something wrong and they are avoiding me. Mind's game, Zzz...
And when I call, people don't pick up, it gets even worse. I have this little thing inside me that just wants to keep calling till the other person picks up but it'd be spamming. so...I'm going out of my mind!

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Over & Over Again

I've been through this from the 1st semester Now, its the 3rd semester. Its been like this since the beginning. Fellow classmates who are lazy come asking me for exam tips. First, you've got to ask yourself. Who am I? I'm just a student, same like you. Read: STUDENT. Meaning I'm studying, not working for Han Chiang College. I'm not under the Exam Department. I'm under The School of Communication as a STUDENT. So, don't come asking me for tips. If you are worried about your CGPA/grades, pay attention in class larh! Why wanna wait till its Revision Week or Exam Week then go around asking for tips. You all should have learn by now that I'm no longer THAT helpful because its a dog eat dog world.

Can you guys be a little bit independent when it comes to your studies? Learn how to study on your own, learn to focus not LEECH on others. Assignments also, some of you just sit and wait for it to be done. You don't even have to do the presentation. You just come show face and mind you, our batch's people aren't that good looking except for a few. Its time to grow. I've grew alot since entering college, its about time for the rest of you. The people that I keep with me as friends are people that I've seen them growing throughout the semester.

I admit, I lost focus this semester. I keep telling people that I'm abit dumb-er this semester and I'm a bimbo. Even if I side-tracked abit, I still know what I'm studying. You people keep saying cause I'm English Educated, cuz I'm smart/clever. NO! Its all about method. Its all about how you study, how you learn things. I  can say that I learn things pretty fast. Why is it I still go to Redbox and BoomBoom even though I have all these theories to study? Because I know my own way of studies. The way I learn is by teaching. As surprising as it sounds, I don't really like teaching but I understand my notes and theories as I go through with my friends. I learn as I teach, haha...

So, to my 'beloved' classmates...
I will ask you guys to STUDY HARD not STUDY SMART cause you guys don't seem to be STUDYiNG SMART if you come asking me for tips. GOOD LUCK for your exams ^^

Joseph - OMG! I'm Such A BiTCH!

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Just for the public's information, PLU stands for People Like Us. That is the term that WE use to refer to other GAYS. Being gay is a lifestyle. It is not something that is forced out of us. We don't feel disgusted by it nor do we feel that we offended others. So, please don't make the gay lifestyle sounds and seems so disgusting. Its not much different from a straight and 'normal' lifestyle. The only difference is, both party are men. People are actually more open-minded nowadays. They can accept this quirk of society. But then, don't try to tell us what is right and what is wrong. That, being GAY is wrong. That we have gone astray and needs to be lead back to the right path. What proof have you that being GAY is wrong? It is just your own mindset.

Being GAY doesn't mean we are PONDANS or AQUAS. And those are horrible words to use to describe someone thats different that you. Yes, there are few types of GAYS. There's the straight-acting type, the more feminine type, the type that likes to cross-dress etc. Whatever it is, we are still human beings. If you call us 'abnormal', guess what? We have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 mouth, 1 nose just like you do. And we, GAYS are actually very nice and friendly people. Even the drag queens. They are extremely friendly. For the straight, they would say ''Of course they're nice and friendly cuz they're interested in you ma...''. Are you sure? Do you think your market value so high? Being friendly and being flirty are 2 different things.Don't stereotype people who have different lifestyle than yours. It is still a lifestyle, whether you accept it oor not, its solely up to you. Gays make great friends for both the guys and the girls. Gay men wear clothes nicer than normal working men. Meaning they can provide GREAT fashion advise for them. The girls, we totally understand whatever situation you girls go through night and day.

I hate it the most when people go ''Ewww, gays...'' What have we done to get that kind of insult? Are like freak of nature? Just because you had bad experience with gays doesn't mean we're all the same...

Hey, look at the positive side, we leave more girls for you...

Jo$eph - GAY iS A LiFESTYLE...

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A Place Called REDBOX

Went to Redbox with Stephanie, Eleen, Eena, Henry and Kenny today. I think I've been going to Redbox like once a week, if not twice a week. Yeah, you can call Redbox my 2nd home. Home would be BoomBoom, haha...
I like Redbox but the problem is, I'm running out of songs to sing. Everytime I go RedBox, I will start with Blue's Best In Me and then follow up by Shakira's Waka Waka and Natasha Bedingfield's Love Like This. But I had a blast with these people. Ah Boo! He ACT CUTE! OMG! Couldn't believe it! This tall, big guy...act cute! Take a look for yourself...

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Boom Boom Chambre, in short...BBC

OH MY...GOSH! I love BoomBoom! Its the best place in town. Something about this place makes me feel at home. Everyone's heard me mentioned it. Whenever friends wanna go to UPR (Upper Penang Road), my suggestion would be...none other than BoomBoom! Haha...
Its unique because it has a relaxing atmosphere for chillin' and relaxin' downstairs while upstairs, they've got the one-woman stand-up comedy show starring Freda Dragonstarr and the Live! Cabaret Show by The Cast of BoomBoom Chambre (in the words of Freda).
Of course, going there cost money, haha. Can burn a hole if always go...
The people there are very nice and friendly, the place makes me feel good about myself :)
(Trincy should give me commission for promoting BoomBoom here)
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Just Some Thoughts Of Mine...

We are all here on this Earth on borrowed time. We don't know when our time here will expire. If there's no WE then it'll be ME.

My life here is for rent. I'm here on borrowed time. I am not happy nor am I content with my life. I may look like I have everything but the actual fact, I have nothing.

Don't know why I'm posting but hey, its my call

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Monday, July 19, 2010


People I know, people that I used to call friends. They have change. Changed so much that I don't even know them. Whatever happened? When I think back...back during the first semester, everything was so nice and sunny. Most of the people I know and close with during the first semester, I hardly know them now. Its so hard to read them. I haven't change at all. Maybe my sense of dressing has changed but I've not change myself. Maybe I'm too nice that people take advantage of it. Guess its all temporarily. Maybe I should socialize less so that I don't have to see the people I know and grew to love change into some other person that I don't even recognize.

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What should I blog about? Hmm...lets blog about college!

Its been a year since I enter college. Han Chiang College to be exact. So far, I find it not too bad. The canteen is hot but oh well, Malaysia...what to expect. Friends are great there. My peers, juniors, seniors, lecturers. They are all great. Of course there are occasionally some that tick me off but thats life. I've learn and grew within this one-year. I grew alot especially in these few months. Emotionally and psychologically I mean!

My communication skills are better, I make friends from here and there. Life is okayyy, not happy with it, not satisfied with it but just okayyy. What I didn't realize was that I would miss the seniors so much. They are graduating soon. I never knew I would be so close to them. I'll miss my Sugar (Lex), Aik Meng, Sher Lyn, Vanitha, Ashley, Melody, Glanned, Shing Zhuan, Sing Yee and others. There are Super Seniors that I miss alot also. Some I see once in awhile, some I don't get to see that much. I miss Wai Kit, Eumene and Melodii. these people so much!

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Good Morning~

Its a brand new day, don't know what's coming up but I know its the beginning of the 1week Revision Week. >.< Exam's coming up in 1week time, damn.

Yesterday, I started sketching again because I was in the mood to. As usual, all I draw are anime characters but I find it so relaxing to sketch while listening to songs by Dido and Robyn. 'Life For Rent', 'White Flag', 
'Dancing On My Own' and 'With Every Heartbeat' accompanied me throughout the night.

Will be having a meeting with the committee and our advisor lecturer in regards to the Mass Comm Society. Think they're gonna re-elect the post and this time its for real and permanent I guess cuz the seniors are graduating soon, very soon. Sooo gonna miss them!

Anyways, I don't have much to blog cuz if I were to blah my mind out, it'd be very emo. So, I better stop here...

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I Don't Believe In Love

I want to but I'm starting to lose hope in it. I've gone through a few relationships. All end up with me getting hurt. Its not easy to start the whole thing again and again. To fall in love with someone new. It drains you emotionally. Someone came to me on MSN and told me that he's been thinking about me. Just based on 1 chat? And we've met like once only? Not even an outing, it was just bumping into each other. I'm sorry but I don't believe it. Maybe the old me would believe and want to take things to another level. The current me, would just tell him that he should forget whatever ''feelings'' he is feeling cuz its temporarily only. And thats what I did. I've had 2people who told me that same thing in 1month time. Whats the end result? They are NOT READY to commit and we're not as close as we were before.

When I don't believe in love, nothing is real for me...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Its Been Awhile...

I'm still around. Just be M.I.A for quite some time. Alot of things to do. Assignments, revision and now exam coming soon. Let's not talk about that first...

Recently Han Chiang had their 10th Anniversary celebration and I was so happy to be part of it together with Hansel. We sang Eenie Meenie and later on I solo Hero by Enrique Iglesias while Hansel did So Close from the movie Enchanted. So many things to say but lazy to type cuz its kinda late...

Joseph - Till Next Time...

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