Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Felling A Lil Outta Control...

Christina Aguilera is back with her single Not Myself Tonight. Makeups and clothes were outrageous, quirky, weird. In other words, Gaga-like. Sorry to say that Aguilera seems to be channeling Gaga's sense of fashion. From the beginning of the music video, it is clear that the inspiration was Gaga. The were parts of the MV that looked like Bad Romance. Then there's the whole outfits which suggested SM play.

Now lets talk about the song. I can't even understand a single thing except for ''I'm not myself tonight. Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl.'' Yeah, thats about all. Its not really catchy, its just the MV that grab people's attention. I still applaud Aguilera for this single. It took effort, courage and 'I Don't Give A Damn' attitude to come out with something like this.

Jo$eph - I'm Not The Same Girl, Same Girl
(Course not! I'm A BOY)
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