Monday, July 26, 2010


Of course its the past. Truth to be told, he don't like you that much either. He himself asked not to call you out. He told me to NOT call you out when he first told me he's coming back. He said call Hansel and Lee Wen, please do not call 'YOU'. Sure, we or I can budge into your conversation but seriously, you were hogging him all the time. You were right infront with him without caring about the people behind you. Going out in a group means walking in a group not 2 infront, 3 behind. I've always held my patience over this matter and others relating to you. I tried to avoid you because I don't want to tell you all these. One, you're a girl, second, you can't take the truth. You want to be liked by people. You've been sticking to Jason eversince you knew him and you knew him through me. He has got someone else now, I know that. He told me. We talked like friends. I don't need you to tell me that he's coming back or how long before he reach. For your information, I was the first to know that he's coming back because he called me and told me and also asked me to check the flight ticket. So, don't bother telling me. I don't need you to tell me he's my past. Here's the honest truth, I have no more feelings towards him. I wanted to catch up with him about his life and all. Not with you bugging and butting in. Don't you dare make assumptions that I emo in Redbox. I have my own things to think. I don't need you to make assumptions. I memang emo-King and everyone is allowed to be emo. I got my own reasons for staying quiet. What? Stay quiet mean I emo? I have to be talkative all the time? Here's the UGLY TRUTH, I don't enjoy you being there. GET iT NOW? I don't enjoy Redbox with you, get it??? Eversince that day when you told us you are free whole day to join us for Redbox but you rushed Hansel to send you back to college to ask extension for your assignment deadline, I've not enjoy Redbox with you eversince. We went out, we want to spend our whole day. Not rush here and there. You even got the guts to ask Hansel to take it to Queensbay for you when we're chillin' at Coffee Island. There was even one time where you ask me to ask Kelven to pick you up to go BoomBoom together. You GOT THE CHICKS to ask that? For one, you don't even know Kelven, he don't even know how you looked like and you yourself don't even know how you look like. You got the guts to ask me to do that? MUKA TEMBOK! And your assignments! You are our senior, my senior! You ask me to think of questions for your interviews? Not only once but few times. Aren't you abit ashamed to ask juniors to help you with your assignment and the best part? I haven't even take that subject! You damn good at blaming your group members when actual fact, you don't do much also. You told Lee Wen its about time you do your part in the assignment but you turned around and asked me for help.

You treat him like sister, or brother or whatever also I don't care. I don't know if you like him or if you ever did but if you did, it was damn stupid of you to do so because you fell for a gay. You remember when we went clubbin' for his farewell? You left your eyeliner at his house and you kept rushing and making a big deal out of it. Even Jason got fed-up with you! He's just being nice by not telling you. I don't mind being the ugly one to tell you THE UGLY TRUTH! You want talk about the past right? Let's dig up the past. When we were together, we want to dine together, just 2 of us. But you always want to join. We even had to lie about our break times. Sometimes we would compromise and let you join for lunch and dinner we would have just the two of us. You just don't get the clue much. Remember my colleague, Connie from UNDERSHOP? She herself said she could feel and tell that you like Jason. Even when college people asked if Jason is your BF, you didn't disagree and I was with him that time, WHAT THE FUCK, woman??? Truth be told, there aren't much gossips about you, just the TRUTH. I like you as a friend, Lee Wen tells me you actually care about me. I know but there are boundaries. There are limit and space. Not necessarily for you to know my boyfriends. You don't necessarily be my boyfriend's bestfriend or 'sister'. We are gay but we are still men. We have 'lanjiao' not 'cibaii'. Don't call us sisters. Its been kept too long. You should know all of these.

This will be my last post on this argument because it is longer worth arguing. I don't care anymore.

I know you would read this cause you'd be itching to so enjoy it!


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