Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Know! Like OMG, right?

This is the 4th day of Revision Week and guess what?! I haven't even touched a chapter! I tell myself I need to study but I end up lazing around. Exam is exactly a week from today and I am soooo doomed! Tonight must go study group already! Don't care with who, as long as there's somebody. I don't want my CGPA to be pulled down any further. I don't wanna go below 3.0!

People should stop thinking and saying I'm smart and clever cause I'm SO NOT! I am a bimbo! Hahahaha...for this semester only larh...
I am perceived as smart and clever because of the way I talk, the way I carry myself, the way I act. Blekkk...I'm not a God so don't larh...worship me or anything. Zzz...even if I'm God, I would be God of the Gays not God of Nerds, blekkk!

I get bored sooo easily. I need something to spice up my life! Don't know what to post anymore larh...!!!


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