Saturday, July 24, 2010

HiTZ Too...

Hello? I'm under Hitz and so is Reena. Daryl is my friend, I love him as a friend. But go around with Daryl like he's with Hitz instead of us. For one, you introduced him as Daryl, the guy who's supposed to work with Hitz. Us? ''Uh guys, these are the LOCALS HiRED.'' Great, where did our names fly to? 

Best example? Today, 24th July 2010 at Hard Rock Cafe where Pop Shuvit had their showcase. After the showcase, you took Daryl and Timothy round with Moots and the rest of Pop Shuvit. While we are both left in the bus. You guys makan inside the cafe while we're both in the bus stuck with this Revive Isotonic while you guys eating in Hard Rock Cafe with Moots. We are part of the Hitz team, treat us equally if you will. Fuck it even if we're only part of the team for 3months. Chunky once said in Hitz, we're like a family. Sorry, I don't feel the family vibe. Who are Daryl and Timothy? I have nothing against them. They're cool but they can be consider as friends/visitors. Who are we (Me & Reena)? Your friend (if you even consider that) and your colleague under Hitz (the same company as yours). I bet you wished it was Daryl who worked with you instead of me, right? Cause Daryl can drink and party with you. I'm just a LOCAL HiRED. You like embarassing us? Fine. You go round like a VIP today with Daryl and Timothy while we're in the bus like dumb-arse. People must be wondering, ''aren't these two from Hitz as well? Why is it that it feels like they're from 2 separate groups?''

Joseph - THE END


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