Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Place Called NEWAY

Went for a brief revision session with Vion and Helen at college's library earlier. Check out some of the past year question papers. While I was jotting down the notes, I received a call from an old friend, Hans. He asked me out for tea. I agreed since Vion and Helen won't be long anyways. I jot down all the notes I need and head out to college's front gate cause Hans was waiting outside already. He brought along a friend from KL, Leo whom appeared 'lanc' at first but turns out its just because he's tired. During our little snacks at Pappa Rich at E-Gate, he turns out to be really friendly and we watch the same shows, like the same type of movies. He said he needs a singing buddy for English songs. Hey, PERFECT...Waka Waka here, LOL!
So, we went to Neway and since I haven't try it, why not? I thought it'd be expensive but what the hell, just go. Reach there, haha...got student package larh...RM10 for a glass of drink and lunch for the 1pm-6pm session. We went in at 4pm. The greatest thing about Neway is they don't force us to take the tidbits. Instead, we can change for another glass of drink. I ordered a Tempura Platter. The food is SOOO MUCH better than Redbox's. We did ALL english numbers. FUN! Its in Queensbay otherwise, I would frequent Neway more.

Leo & I
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