Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exam Came & Went...

Dear Exam,

I don't hate you but I don't really fancy you also. You have your own pros and cons. You make me study every now and then. Thats your pro. Your cons? You make people go crazy and worry about everything. Especially my classmates. I don't worry about you, exam. Haha, because I know with enough sleep and confidence, I will conquer you. People always say I don't worry about you, Exam. And its true, I don't bother about you, haha. I don't goi all crazy and panic about you. Its not because I am smart or lanc. Its because I don't scare myself silly. Hehe...

Well, you gave me 3papers to deal with. Introduction To Mass Communication, Basic News Reporting & Writing and Sociology. I handle all the papers you gave me quite well, I would say. Lets pray and hope I did well. Amen! Praise the Lord!


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