Monday, July 19, 2010


What should I blog about? Hmm...lets blog about college!

Its been a year since I enter college. Han Chiang College to be exact. So far, I find it not too bad. The canteen is hot but oh well, Malaysia...what to expect. Friends are great there. My peers, juniors, seniors, lecturers. They are all great. Of course there are occasionally some that tick me off but thats life. I've learn and grew within this one-year. I grew alot especially in these few months. Emotionally and psychologically I mean!

My communication skills are better, I make friends from here and there. Life is okayyy, not happy with it, not satisfied with it but just okayyy. What I didn't realize was that I would miss the seniors so much. They are graduating soon. I never knew I would be so close to them. I'll miss my Sugar (Lex), Aik Meng, Sher Lyn, Vanitha, Ashley, Melody, Glanned, Shing Zhuan, Sing Yee and others. There are Super Seniors that I miss alot also. Some I see once in awhile, some I don't get to see that much. I miss Wai Kit, Eumene and Melodii. these people so much!


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