Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boom Boom Chambre, in short...BBC

OH MY...GOSH! I love BoomBoom! Its the best place in town. Something about this place makes me feel at home. Everyone's heard me mentioned it. Whenever friends wanna go to UPR (Upper Penang Road), my suggestion would be...none other than BoomBoom! Haha...
Its unique because it has a relaxing atmosphere for chillin' and relaxin' downstairs while upstairs, they've got the one-woman stand-up comedy show starring Freda Dragonstarr and the Live! Cabaret Show by The Cast of BoomBoom Chambre (in the words of Freda).
Of course, going there cost money, haha. Can burn a hole if always go...
The people there are very nice and friendly, the place makes me feel good about myself :)
(Trincy should give me commission for promoting BoomBoom here)
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