Thursday, July 22, 2010

Active Wednesday...

While waiting for movie to start which was 9.25pm, we went round Gurney, heh. Adrian left early cuz he had to go to gym. Janice went for movie at 5pm. My RedBox session was 2pm until unlimited time but I left at 7pm cuz I ran out of voice already. Otherwise, I would have stayed till 10pm, haha! Anyways, I joined Robert & George for movie.

We watched Despicable Me. Cute movie, really cute although the storyline is kinda lame and very ''pian gii na''. If it wasn't for the 3 little girls in the movie, it wouldn't be funny nor interesting. Its been awhile since I stepped into the cinema. Missed out on lots of movies. Tiring day, after Redbox followed by movie. Although I had to sing all by myself in Redbox after 5pm, I kinda enjoyed it because I get to sing naturally. Somehow, I manage to project my voice easier, haha. I still love the company of my friends. They are like my audience, hehe...

Check out this shirt that I found in FOS although I didn't buy it. It was priced at RM53. Overpriced for this kind of shirt and for FOS. Although I did get a formal shirt from SEEDS for RM32 after 70% discount. My formal shirt have always been from SEEDS and Padini. I only buy 'em during their SALES which normally offers up to 70% discount for their members. Imagine a SEEDS formal shirt thats priced at RM109 for RM32 after discount...Heh, I'm a smart & wise shopper! This is a confession of a shopaholic~

Kinda obsessed with plaids lately

ACT CUTE! Blekk...
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