Sunday, July 25, 2010

What A Day! What A Surprise!

Went to watch Pop Shuvit's showcase at Hard Rock Cafe today. Part of work. We stopped at Hard Rock Hotel to do 2 of our crosses. Had the chance to see Moots and the rest of Pop Shuvit. We got complimentary voucher to dine at Starz Diner. The infamous Hard Rock Hotel's buffet and it was damn good. After dinner, continued work. After work, its time to go BoomBoom! A friend of mine came from Taiping so we head there.

Damn! Home Sweet Home! I enjoyed my time there. It feels sooo nice. Trincy's there, Mark's there, Timmy's there, Kayven's there, Daniel was there and other friends, gosh! Haha...although today I didn't pay attention to the show. Guess I was tired and a lil bit lazy...but I finally got the chance to talk to Freda! Hahaha...

Today was WAY better than my birthdays that I had for the past years...


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