Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

Yeah, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Part of me is sick of finding for 'it' already. Part of doesn't want to give up. Been getting too young for relationship from others lately. Its so pissing and damn annoying to hear that because I'm already 21! Geez! What? When I reach 25 only can start looking is it?

Although I haven't found what I'm looking for, I did found something else. Friends who are worth keeping. Friends who love me alot. Even some that I just got to know. What Catherine post today on her Facebook really touched my heart. Cat, I've known not too long ago only and you said you treat me like your little brother. I am so touched. I am the only child in the family and yeah, both Margaret and you gave me the big sister feeling. Especially you, haha. Although I haven't found LOVE, I've found love from friends like you. Love from Vion, Hansel, Helen, Winnie, Kher Shieu, Wai Kit, Lee Wen, Suet Ling, Eleen, Stephanie, Eena, Celyn, Erine and others that are really close to me. I love all of you.

Joseph - Still Searching...


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