Friday, July 23, 2010

'Cause I'm A GYPSY...

This is sorta like a parody of Shakira's Gypsy.
Please listen to the song while reading the 'lyrics' ^^

(Gypsy Parody)
Lost my bra on the road
Spent the weekend finding my lingerie back
Condoms and dildos get along
Jerking gets too boring
When you learn how to suck

Not the girl-next door kind
Take my top off and who knows what you might find
Can't satisfied you all the time
You can bet that I will try
But you can't cum 7times

'Cause I'm a hooker
Are you sleeping with me?
I might steal your bras and wear them if they fit me
1 night cost you fifty
Just like a hooker
And I won't slow down
'Cause I'm already high on it
And I won't cry even if it's too painful
When you do it fast
'Cause I'm a hooker('Cause I'm a hooker)

I can't tellwhat I've done
My vagina reminds me of just how deep that they have went
To whom it may concern
Only fuck with condoms when you want to be safe


I said 'Hey you'
You're damn horny
If I say 'NO'
You still force me into it
People fear what they haven't try
Come along for the ride, Oh yeah
Come along for the ride, whoo-hoo


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