Sunday, July 25, 2010


Jason came back from KL on Friday and took a trip down to Penang to hang out with us. I was so excited and happy to see him after few months. Its been since our break till now. He called and prior and told me check tickets and stuff and plan on activities when he comes back. This fella, act macam celebrity. Call him 'Cibaibrity', hahaha...(I can imagine Jason saying Fuck U)

Anyways, we went to Redbox. Me, Hansel, Emirul, Jason (of course) and Suet Ling, the uninvited guest. The reason why both me and Jason didn't wanna invite her was she would hog all the time. She would STICK to Jason like SUPER DUPER MEGA GLUE and I won't have time with him. Guess what, she did! Jason was with us for 4 hours++, I only managed to talk to him for less than 15minutes! The rest, she took it all away. We went out as a GROUP. Not couples or whatsoever. Imagine she and Jason walking infront, only two of them. While the 3 of us behind tail-gating so to speak. That is not a group. This is the usual thing that happens when she's around. Arghh!!! She claims they walk fast. We were left behind, they didn't even bother to call and find us. We had to find them back. Gurney Plaza is so big and you expect us to go round find you guys? Give a call? All these I don't mind. The thing I mind is YOU taking away the TiME I'm suppose to spend with him! If I'm the only one who felt leftout, then its my problem but even Hansel felt it! So, its not my problem. Its you hogging time and space. I admit, I like attention but not as much as you. I don't mind you care about me and wanting to know the boyfriends I have. I am ok with my friends getting along with my boyfriends but not with making me feel like you stealing my boyfriend aaway. Anyways, I don't have one now but if I ever do find one, I won't tell you. GOOD DAY!


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