Monday, July 19, 2010

I Don't Believe In Love

I want to but I'm starting to lose hope in it. I've gone through a few relationships. All end up with me getting hurt. Its not easy to start the whole thing again and again. To fall in love with someone new. It drains you emotionally. Someone came to me on MSN and told me that he's been thinking about me. Just based on 1 chat? And we've met like once only? Not even an outing, it was just bumping into each other. I'm sorry but I don't believe it. Maybe the old me would believe and want to take things to another level. The current me, would just tell him that he should forget whatever ''feelings'' he is feeling cuz its temporarily only. And thats what I did. I've had 2people who told me that same thing in 1month time. Whats the end result? They are NOT READY to commit and we're not as close as we were before.

When I don't believe in love, nothing is real for me...


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