Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, it's officially my last day in Freeform today. I tried to hold myself from tearing up but from inside, I was tearing up. I even took myself to the toilet and just try to take a breather. It's finally the last day...

Last day of me waking up at 9am and ended up arriving in office at 10.30am onwards.
Last day I'll ever stepped into the lift, pressing level 6, keying-in the security lock to enter the office, signing-in as "TRAiNEE", head to my desk and switch on my yellow Dell laptop and plug-in my mouse and external hard disk.
Last day hugging my lime green pillow while doing my work.
Last day changing the water in the pantry.
Last day going out lunch with Freeformers at Tappers, The Bee, One Chef, Jaya Noodle House, Nando's, Marufuku Udon House, Uncle Sam's, Old Town, opposite road's mamak or Jackson's Burger at Section 14. Last day going to Cold Storage at 4pm with some of the Freeformers.

I don't know if I'll ever see these people again but I do hope we will CROSS-PATHS again. Thank you for having me in your world and showing me the tiny world of Freeform. To Karen, Priya, Joshua Desmond, Sueann, Joshua Chay, Minky, Shantee, Ilani, Gwen, Helmelia, Niki, Emily, Mita and everyone else in Freeform, FANK YOU so muchy!

Mita now has my lime green pillow :) Take care of my 'legacy'.


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