Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Little monsters, Mother Monster has arrived. That's what Gaga call herself these days. She's now Mother Monster just like I'm Mother Bitch. When the clock tik-tok into 12am yesterday, everyone's eyes was focused on YouTube because it was the premiere of Lady Gaga a.k.a Mother Monster's Born This Way music video.

Like everyone little monsters, I was excited with the new video but it was a major disappointment compared to what Gaga had done previously. I always count on Gaga to have a story out of her song and a music video to go with it. Listen to Telephone, Bad Romance and her other hits, they have a story within the song and the music video. Born This Way tells of a beautiful story in the lyrics but...the music video is just straying off the path. It's like Alien Vs. Predator and Gaga is Mother Alien =.= I would say her performance in the Grammy looks better than the music video. Yes, we all know that Gaga likes to have a mini-story within her music video so they normally span till about 7-10minutes but this one has no meaning. It's just Gaga giving birth to...more Gaga. I myself, a Gaga fan and for me to blogging bout this, it's sad. C'mon Gaga, you can do better. It's not bad, it's just irrelevant.


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