Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 11. It's supposed to last till Week 10 only but I extended me training and it's worth while because being where I am for my training, it's F-U-N! Have you ever come across people who works and yet are fun? Serious but fun? Oh, don't forget the major FRiENDLY-ness with these people. Although coming to KL burnt a very big hole in my pocket, I am glad I came because it's supposed to go this way! Knowing these people is the greatest in life so far. It's an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. Lots of people may complain bout their company or say they won't miss their intern company but I'll miss mine a whole LOT! I've still got life to settle in Penang but I know I'll always have a part of life here in Petaling Jaya where Freeformers are. Freeformers are stylish, cool, fun and everything unique. Oh! and when Freeformers come out to play, you wouldn't want to NOT be part of them because they are such a fun bunch! Everyone has their own style and unique. You don't settle for the ordinary joe or plain jane look here in Freeform. Everyone's certainly has their own thing called style. I am proud to call myself a Freeformer although it's only for 3months.

xoxo Hosef with LOVE...


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