Thursday, March 24, 2011


Joshua Desmond linked me bloggy and here I am, blogging bout you guys AGAiN! Hehe, here's the people I've got to know and fell in love with during the 3 months duration of my internship :)

Freeformer #1 - Karen
She's mean, VERY mean! Haha but the NiCE covers up her MEAN. She's nicely mean. Make sense? Nope, but Karen is nice with capital NiCE! Despite the petite appearance, there's all the knowledge in this woman and she's full of advices, haha. She's fun on and off work.

Karen likes: Coke Light and she's a VERY serious person. She's also stressed all the time. Oh, and Fort Awesome!

Freeformer #2 - Sueann
Mama Chola reign supreme! She's so loveable and the office is never the same without her. No random quiz or jokes. No random videos or some sort of themed stuffs.
Sueann Likes: Gays and US! Haha! Call her Chong Sueann to get under her skin :)

Freeformer #3 - Shantee
She's got big, big and I mean really big eyes! Everytime she introduce herself as Shantee, people go "huh? Shantee?" Make no mistake, she's a CiNA from Penang :) Sometimes it's Shantee, sometimes it's Shanti but most of the time it's just Shaquantay (yeah, she's GHETTO like that!).
Shantee Likes: Peace sign for her accessories. Her boyfriend who picks her up all the time. Minky and Karen. Oh, and her lips go M-shape when camera clicks :)

Freeformer #4 - Minky
Sometimes known as Minkeh. She's hyper, always happy on the outside and is bound to get a hold of your Blackberry and Facebook when you are not aware. She hails from UK so she knows a limited amount of Malay words such as her infamous "TAK MAU" and lately she's been doing the "lah and aiyo" alot. Returning to UK as an Ah Lian?
Minky Likes: Joshua Desmond for being AWESOME. She also likes changing information on our Facebook :) but she no likey chinamen.

Freeformer #5 - Joshua Desmond
He wears a cap/hat/beanie everyday. He gets his food last in The Bee. He's secretly in love with all of us. Did not talk to him much at first but yeah, he's cool. Nice guy, flirts around. Karen's supposed bestie. He likes to say that he gets his Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich last because he's BLACK.
Joshua Desmond Likes: ALL OF US! His girlfriend and erm, flirting? Hmm, iDK. 1 thing's for sure, he likes ALL of US!

Freeformer #6 Priya
Priya is my supervisor and she's got this face that wants you to say "Yo, Priya" HAHA! You couldn't asked for a better supervisor other than OMG Priya! Yeah, you will laugh each time she says OMG. Priya is also stressed daily because she got exams and Minky to deal with. Haha! Oh and Karen, haha.
Priya Likes: KFC, egg tarts and Gwen. She likes to say OMG also.

Freeformer #7- Gwen
She's old and new because she's been in Freeform but left and now she's back. She's got a very cute name behind that Gwen and it's not Gwendolyn! Very detailed in her work like everyone else here and she's mean and nice like Karen!
Gwen Likes: Her curfew and Joshua Desmond. She also likes Priya. But most of all, she likes chicken (today)

Freeformer #8- Mita
She's Joshua Desmond's partner-in crime. She likes indie stuffs alot. She likes her MacBook because I see her staring at it all day long.
Mita Likes: Writing. Doesn't like eating but she got excited over pizza today :)

Freeformer #9 - Li Xian
The Ah Lian of the office! Haha, go la, go color your hair some more xD! She's nice lar, haha. Thanks to the Maxis iPhone video project, got the chance to know her more. Haha, you know my nickname for you! Crotchy, haha!
Li Xian Likes: Saying Chill! and OMG, are you serious?! Jumpsuits, macarons, in general. She likes Maggi Mee from Wong Kok! HAHA!

Freeformer #10- Joshua Chay
The other Joshua in the office. This is the fairer one (I'm NOT RACiST). He's quiet, sometimes VERY QUiET. I thought he's gay when I first came in.
Joshua Chay Likes: WOMEN. He likes them ALOT!

Freeformer #11- Helmelia
She's kinky, cool and fun. The kinky part came in after she chopped off her hair. Some call her Mils, some call her Hels, whatever it is, her name is DAMN FREAKiNG cool!
Helmelia Likes: Joshua Chay and Tasha. HAHA!

Freeformer #12 - Ilani
She used to be in-charge of the Tongue In Chic store until she decides to leave. She's full of this weird type of personality but it's cool. We always see her in the pantry round 4pm and if you stare at her, she'll do a Beyonce or some other dance.
Ilani Likes: The Tongue In Chic Store and bright colors. And of course, her Kelisa.


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