Monday, March 14, 2011

Neely The Anthony :)

Was in Sungai Wang doing some minor shopping. Was in RedBox earlier in the morning for a K-session which I had been missing out for 3months! I did Cee Lo Green's Forget You for 5 times! Can you believe it? Sang Anthony Neely's Sorry That I Loved You 3times and was told he's going to be in Sungai Wang at about 7.30pm. Haha, i was in a blur because my friends kept saying Nee An Dong coming and I was like 'who is that lar"? Then she told me, I sang one of his songs just now and light bulb suddenly appear, Anthony Neely! Haha...I'm not big with the whole fans thing but all the little girls...OHMGEE, signs, cakes, certificate and such. I like Neely just for that one song because it's very meaningful to me.


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