Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't BECOME Like This!

Here's something that happened last week. As most people know, I'm interning in Freeform and as intern, you do everything given but that's not the case in Freeform. In Freeform, you are free. Work is fun and it's not a type of job where you kept looking at the clock wondering what time you'll be done. Now, there's this intern who goes by the name Tristan. He lives in his imaginary world, I supposed because he thinks he's the best. I don't have any major issues with him other than his sense of style but that took a turn after he publicly announced on his Facebook wall that he'll be terminating his internship and I quote...

"Terminating my internship in KLue because did not achieved intended purpose. Don't like the new direction that the website is going. Guess I'll move on to greener pasture and focus on my project".

Okay, first of all, be grateful that KLue accepted you. Don't go posting, complaining about your training in social media. There's a reason why it's called social media, duh?! Second, be honest. If you're going to post this, say it to your superior your reasons, don't bullshit infront and bullshit behind. And next time when you do work, please dress appropriately. Wearing 'pasar malam' shorts doesn't show respect to your colleague nor the place you work at. Slippers? Are you kidding me? If it were your birthday, I'd get you a mirror. But then again, why would I wanna waste a single cent on someone like you? Next, learn Photoshop or Photoscape for God's sake! You can't even resize pictures properly without any distortion and you wanna act like you're so good? Even if you want to drag your pictures, press Shift while draggin. I don't want to clean up your mess one after another.

There was also a comment from him which he says he is interested in Tony Phua because he's going into the same line as Tony but could care less about Deborah Henry because she's not worth his time. Erm, you think they give a shit bout you? LOL, wake up kiddo. You signed an agreement, don't go round posting bout what you're doing in the company, what tasks you're given, where you're going and such. Have some work ethics please. Gosh...I can deal with ugly people but ugly people with no brains, no common sense? I can't...


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