Monday, February 28, 2011


Got 3 more weeks left for my industrial training. Part of me damn happy to go back but another part wants to stay here because of the people that I've got to know and like :) Will I ever consider coming back KL after my Diploma? Perhaps but the living cost here is ripping me off my flesh :( I hope I learnt something here in KL, I'm still searching. I don't want this training to be of waste. Haha, the last thing on my mind would be meeting someone special and it's true, haha. I haven't met anyone, so it's okay :) Maybe people that I like are out of my league, maybe it's not time yet, maybe I am meant to be by myself :)

Well, because I have too much free time at hand, I discovered GLEE and a passion for stage performance. I like it and I wish I'm part of it. It's so much fun. I want a life where I can sing my woes away, to be accepted for who I am.

I admit, I am a Musical-Freak :) I sing but I'm not a singer, I'm an entertainer/performer. Watching GLEE has made me realized how much I've been missing out in life. I am a shy stranger. It takes me awhile to warm up but I bring a lot of fun to the table. What did GLEE do to opened up my eyes? I can't be shy forever, there's so much more to show to the World. Everyone has their own talent and potential although I did not believe it at first. I've always been figuring out what is my talent. Can I sing? Can I dance? The truth is, I can't do both very well separately but I can do both pretty decent when combined together :)

I'm such a GLEEK. It's fun to express yourself through music and dance. Music is the universal language so why not?! Imagine singing and dancing and telling people what you think through music. It's the best thing. I've always been a wall-flower in clubs. That's because I can't do clubbing dance where they bop their head up and down, up and down. I can only dance according to the music without any choreography but it seems right :) I've never called myself a singer because that's not what I am. I've never called myself a photographer because that's not me too :) I am just a teenager exploring his world that seems to be filled with possibilities and lots of things interest me in this world :)


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