Sunday, February 13, 2011


Is this a closure? Maybe.I don't know. It's the eve of Valentine's Day and you asked me out. Coincidence, perhaps. I am glad you finally ask me out instead of us bickering over who should ask who out first. It's been a long time since I get to hang out with you. I admit, it feels awkward seeing you now for what we were just last year. You've matured so much, grown so much and achieved so much. I feel I am such a waste of space, still a nobody with nobody. I wish to achieve things that you have achieved. I feel I'm like a failure. I guess you don't belong to me because I would have gotten left behind.

It was nice though to talk about us again. Things we used to do, words we used to say that were ours. You even brought up the part that things you like, I always don't like and vice versa. Yeah, that was what made you sorta perfect. And the amount of accessories I used to wear and the amount of rings you used to wear. It's all gone now. You even gave my accessories a name called 'Lilikokok'. You may not know it but I still use that word to describe all my wristbands and armlets like how you describe them. I miss uttering the word 'wolololo...'

In honest truth, I miss you and I know you'll never be mine because we are so different now. We have drifted apart. We have changed but we still look perfect together but looking perfect together isn't everything, right? I am happy for you that you have found your happiness, I wouldn't say a perfect 100% happy because some parts of me wished that it was me. I guess I'll have to continue searching for my happiness...


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