Monday, February 21, 2011

Pointless App?

Do you own an iPhone? I don't and I am not a big fan of it except for some applications. iPhone can be really addictive when you are into some of the apps. Well, one of the apps that you won't find me going gaga about is the Hannah Tan Application. C'mon, seriously? An app about Hannah Tan and Hannah Tan? Develop by Hannah T herself, the app is for fans of Hannah T who wants to know what she does in her daily life, what is it like to be Hannah Tan and what else you don't know about her. Why on Earth would anyone sponsor the making of such app? Have you seen Hannah Tan's Christmas jingle music video? Ridiculous and totally has no relevant to Christmas and this app? Erm, I am trying VERY HARD not to be bitchy about it.

A Joseph App anyone? Maybe it's more interesting?


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