Friday, February 11, 2011

CiNTA HARAM kononnya...

Recently, I've seen people posting on Facebook regarding Valentine's Day. Well, it is coming up soon and it seems our very 1Malaysia nation or should I say, religion has stepped in to say that Valentine's Day is HARAM. Yes, who else or what else could do such things other than Islam itself? There's a video in YouTube that shows Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah citing why Valentine's Day is HARAM in Islam. Yeah, I'm no Muslim and it does not affect me but what ticked me off is what this Ustazah (considering I am still regarding you as Ustazah, you should feel honored) says if we celebrate Valentine's, we (Muslim) are supporting Christianity. Okay bitch, what's your problem? Supporting Christianity is a sin? Other races and religion supports YOUR religion with or without consent and we don't say much about it. What is your deal? First you slander Valentine's then you slander Christianity. When people make fun of your Allah Yang Maha Besar, you guys go hoo-hah and call ISA or JAKiM but it's okay for you to hentam other people's religion?

You can view the video here.

According to this HARAM bitch, there's 5 version of Valentine's Day's history. Let's see the history. Flashback time...

Version 1: The Romans celebrates a feast called Lupa Salia where the people worships the Goddess of Love called Juno Februata and hence the month February. Girls would write their name on a piece of paper and men would draw the names out. Whichever name that was drew out, they are supposed to serve the men for 1year in terms of love and lust.
My verdict: There's no Lupa Salia. Lupa pungguk hang got. Lupa Salia huh? It's Luperci. Please do not attempt to Malaysianized Roman festivals. There's no such Goddess of Love by the name of Juno Februata nor was it that the month of February was named after her. The Goddess of Love is called Aphrodite. Everyone knows it. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love & Lust, daughter to Zeus, arranged to marry Hephaestus the God of Forgery but later married Ares the God of War instead. Get your stories right! And what do you think? Lucky draw to see who's the biggest prostitute is it?

Version 2: Saint Valentine's death. St. Valentine was caught and sentenced to death for spreading Christianity and therefore the people thought of how noble he is to sacrifice himself for religion and so they celebrate St. Valentine's Day, a feast in his name.
My verdict: So? If this is true, so what? Didn't you Muslims celebrated each and everyone of your Prophets' death or birthday? Why? Because they died for Islam, right? So what if we celebrate Valentine's in his name, St. Valentine's?

Version 3: St. Valentine was sentence to death for promoting marriage at a young age because at that time young men were supposed to be at war. If all were to marry young and have their own family, then nobody would be fighting for the country.
My verdict: Seriously? Lame, okay? Don't everyone deserve a chance of happiness? Apa masalah kalau lelaki nak kahwin muda? Kamu, Islam boleh kahwin 4 tapi orang lain nak kahwin awal, salah? So Valentine's is HARAM because people want to get married early?

Version 4: People celebrate Valentine's because there's a species of white doves that likes to mate on the 14th of February.
My verdict: SERiOUSLY! Celebrate Valentine's because of a mating season of white doves? Nobody is so lame to do so. So, Islam got something against birds mating is it? What about you guys? Raping, killing, drugs. No problem is it in the eyes of Islam?

Version 5: Saint Valentine was responsible for the downfall of Islam in Cordova. So they celebrate it in his name.
My verdict: Islam in other countries are well-practiced. Islam in Malaysia is racist and so screwed up. Every religion, every kingdom, everyone will have their downfall. You people are just sore LOSER~ You still have Islam now right? Look what you people have done to other religions. You think we had fun? "Maksudnya kalau kita sokong Valentine's maksudnya kita sokong Kristian, kita sokong Inggeris" - Ustazah Siti Bahyah. Take a pause and think, without English would you advance till this level? Islam damn kuno without English invasion. Infact, everyone will be ancient without the advancement of the Brits. One more thing, the invasion happened years ago and you want to continue being bitter because your Tanah Melayu, Malaya was taken over by Brits? Islam cannot change the past and should not attempt to alter the future.

Ustazah also said going disco, going clubs, having intimate time and such is all Christian's culture. Oh no, don't you condemn other religions. What bout your culture? 4wifes? 8times the sex? So, siapa HARAM? Islam also has a thing against roses' price being hiked up for Valentine's. So what? People can afford for their girlfriend and boyfriend, apa you bising bising? Don't have sex larh if Islam is against love or lust. By the way, Islam has the highest rate of having unwanted babies and baby factory wives. Have you watched Bersamamu, Ustazah? These people can barely survive on their own and yet they have 4-6 kids. Siapa miang? Have you watch porn? YES, Muslims also got their own porn. Go watch. How it works?

"Sayang, abang nak lah"
"Abang gila keh? Esok kerja"

Next thing you know, take off top, take off tudung, lights off. You don't see anything already.


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