Friday, February 11, 2011

What The Hell, Avril?

Avril's right. What the hell??? Saw the link on YouTube on Avril's new single, What The Hell. The video has been released and I am left to ponder, What the hell?

I like the necklace though...DrinkMe

This video is very different from what Avril has accomplished so far. In every Avril Lavigne's music video, you get a mix of rebellion and emoness. This song is all for being a rebel but the music video is all about selling herself and making her look like a bimbo.

Avril has taken the road most teenage pop queens took. The path of being a blonde and waking up in lingerie. The video start off with Avril in nothing but lingerie (the lace type) with her boyfriend by her side. He kissed her, she jumps out of bed and sprays some perfume. You know what perfume she used? Her own perfume line called Black Star. That's super cheap way of selling your product. She then skips around and you can see from her expression that she's trying VERY hard to be a bimbo. What with admiring some guys at the basketball court for their bicep then she ends up in a vintage clothing store and oh, what's that? It's Avril Lavigne's clothing collection. Well, of course! Since I'm in this video, might as well publicize every product I have, right? Nothing fancy or to be amazed with this video. It's so bland. So...blah.

Check it out for yourself the video to Avril Lavigne - What The Hell


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