Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CRAFTY Anyone?

CRAFTY Art Market was on Saturday, 19th February 2011. It's ART! Why would I be missing it? Well, I'm glad I made it there. I was actually working there but I had tons of FUN just by looking at all the handmade arts and crafts. Too bad I don't have my own place, otherwise I would have bought paintings after paintings. Blame it on the pocket, haha :) Just to share with everyone, these are some of the stuffs there. I am in love with BUTTON BADGES! Especially naughty ones *wink wink* Want a piece of Crafty? Well, you've gotta wait for the next 3 months :(

OHMGEE! Heaven! Button Badges!

How cool are these badges?!

Badges, Badges, Badges Galore!

Square badges anyone? ME!

Love BOYS That Recycles? Hehe, I LOVE BOYS in GENERAL!

Not badges but BUTTONS! Haha, BUTTONS!

Love the arts here. Small, cute and colorful!
(The vendor is even CUTER)

These are actually photo frames. Creative much?

Handmade Notebooks by a pretty lady named Evelin.
Everything from scratch by Angelic Quirk :)

Which one suits you?

Tiles! Art Tiles! Me likey

The one on the left looks like The Olsen Twins, haha.

MONSTA! By Giffy :)

People I work with, LOL!

Helmelia on the left, Ilani on the right.
Ilani looked like a Teletubby, HAHA!

More of the people I work with :)
I'm not the ONLY guy


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