Monday, February 28, 2011


Dear Bloggy, I have a confession to make. I wear eyeliner but only when I go clubbing or performing emo songs. Is it necessary for guys to put on make-up? Is foundation, mascara, lip-gloss a must? Well, I have some friends who think it's a must. In the modern age of today, men tend to put on more make-up than girls. Trust me, it's not only the gay ones, it's the straight ones and some of the confused creatures of God. The straights, I have no idea why they would put make-up on. The gays, I understand because some of them wanna look like their female-counterpart and the confused ones? Erm, c'mon already. You put on make-up, you're turning the queer path :) You may deny it all you want but you're either bi or completely G-A-Y. I'm gay, I wear eyeliner, it's legit :)

But I don't do other forms of make-up and I will never do. So, will you? Or you already half-way there? Be proud of the way you are born and that's all the confidence you will ever need. The more make-up you put, the more you crack :)


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