Friday, February 18, 2011


The Grammys came and ended. Personally, the Grammys was more of to watch Gaga's performance of her latest single 'Born This' Way'. Haters say that it wasn't up to par but I like it that Gaga has toned down a little bit. She's showing a softer side of herself. Anyways, it's not about Gaga but it's about the Red Carpet for The Grammys. Here's some that I picked out.

Katy Perry in Armani Prive with jewel-encrusted bar and a light up angel wing.
Beautiful and angelic with a little devil on the inside.

A little bit of Egyptian culture mix Superman? That's Gaga and her bizarre appearance.
It's the beginning of her performance. Gaga will not hatch from the egg until her performance.
Talk about consistency!

Trust a gayman to look his best and that's Ricky Martin! Best looking male on the Red Carpet, for me.
Clad in an Armani suit and a really shiny pants, check out those legs. Well, Ricky Martin is always yum-O.

The House of Smith. Momma Smith (Jada) ought to give Willow some fashion tips.
Willow looked like Mowgli here. No, Mowgli looked better.

Nicki Minaj in Givenchy. If it were up to me, that'd be Nicki's own creation. But girl, you don't have to be so snappy and bitchy on the Red Carpet. I watched her being interviewed and this bitch is snappy!

J. Lo in Pucci to generate the Momma Chola feel. Enough said :) Dress is nice larh...

The focus here is not the Versace gown that Jennifer Hudson wore but it's her new figure.
Did she lost TONS of weight or what? I don't know, I like the curvier Hudson.
Let's hope she hasn't lost her ghetto soul and voice with that figure.

Florence Welch, the other part of Florence & The Machine in Givenchy.
She looked like...a bird of paradise in my mind but in a GOOD way.

And on the left, stripper no.2 Riri! Rihanna in Jean Paul Gaultier's Haute Couture piece. Rihanna just loves getting naked, right? It just feels like she's being wrapped with tinsel...

Ciara looked really good in this Pucci piece. Looking like a warrior but a softer and feminine one.
Way better than Hudson or Rihanna.

Can't compare them but Oscar's Red Carpet was better...fav of the night? Ricky Martin and Gaga. Haha, sorry I'm bias over here xD


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