Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, it's CNY and going through some television programmes, I've noticed this thing called TRENDS that people are following. TVs are sculpting our minds with trends. Do you see the opposite ways things are showing up? We, Malaysians over here tried to be Lolita Chic like in Tokyo. We tried to be Harajuku but failed in disaster. Seriously, carrying a black umbrella in the mall? Then Taiwan and Japan had a outbreak of girls with BRiGHT gold colored hairs. By the time us Malaysians follow it, they (Taiwan) had already gone back to basic with black hair and we are still stuck with the 'Lala' trend. Ain't it funny? Lalas are still around. It's even on TV. Drama producers and directors make characters outta Lala fashion. In Japan, it might be Kawaii-des! In Malayisa? It's Disaster-des!

To be a 'Lala', you must have:
1. Straight fringes
2. Bright, bright colored earth tone hair
3. Likes to act cute but fails horribly
4. Wear mismatch outfits
5. If black hair, has some highlights that are on one particular area only

What else do we have in Malaysia? Oh ya, UGG Boots. They were so in previously but seriously? Boots, with faux fur in Malaysia? Unless God decides to shake some snow down here then NO. I get it, it's fashion for some but it's just not right. Do you think people would be silly enough to follow a trend of wearing bikinis in winter? Well, I think Malaysians would if they were given the choice.

Next we have reality shows. American Idol could produce few good talents. So, Malaysia wanna follow. They ended up creating few one hit-wonders. Wonderful :) NOT. We have Malaysian Idol, One In A Million, Akademi Fantasia, blahblahblah...there's so many that you don't even know who is from where or which show anymore. Then there's prank shows and Malaysia tried to follow but as a viewer, I get more annoyed than fun watching the shows.

CNY. Hey! Where's all the Cina programmes? WTF with the tamil movies and malay series? Raya dan Deepavali dah habis, bang. Bangun la.

Biggest trend of all times? Straights trying to look GAY. These are the people who gave the public the misconception of gays. There are really some straights who have serious issues with themselves. They call themselves Metrosexual. I would say Metrosexual is something like Milo Ventimiglia, Chad Michael Murray that sort. Not some wannabes clad in skinny cerulean blue jeans, low V neck tee thats shows their MAN-VAGE which they have NONE but bones. Here, people always call cleavage as 'longkang'. Well, I have a word for these guys, they have only 'besi longkang'. What's with the shades anyways? Shades in malls, are you serious? Is it too bright there or are your brains just not bright enough? Oh yeah, the man-bags. These wannabes loves to carry around a man-bag which looks like an idea out of a doggy bag. Serious shit! I don't even carry or wear those kind of stuffs considering who I am.

Nowadays, you don't even know who is GAY or STRAiGHT. In my opinion, the GAYS look more STRAiGHT than the STRAiGHTS. Here's a piece of advice for these people. Pick a side, please :)

So, are you a TREND SETTER or a TREND FOLLOWER? Me? I'm just an OBSERVER...

Well, that's about enough bitchiness for today. If there's anything that comes to mind, I'll update it. I think I used 'seriously' tons of times in this post - xoxo


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