Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BiTCH Went To See WiTCH

Just a night before I go back Penang, I managed to catch Season Of The Witch! I wanted to watch it for a very long time already but no one wanted to watch it. Well, not anyone around my circle. Managed to catch it with Ryan.GREAT movie although there's a lot of scenes and lines that would mislead people. It started with a Priest hanging 3 women who are convicted of witch craft. 2 were innocents while the other uttered that the Priest will burn in hell. After the hanging and drowning, the Priest pull the body up and perform a ritual of purification by chanting verses from The Book of Solomon. As he was chanting, one of the corpses came alive and appear in the form of a demon. The Priest was then hanged and The Book Of Solomon was burnt. The movie is about this Crusader who fought in the name of God and His Son but later on left The Church after realizing killing in the name of God is not what God wanted. A war should never involved killing women and children. The Crusader's name is Behmen, played by Nicholas Cage. I seriously don't understand the HUNK part in Nic Cage. His partner in crime, Felson was played by Ron Perlman, the guy who played Hellboy. I find him hotter, WAY hotter than Nicholas Cage, LOL! Now, as they travel through the harsh terrains and brace themselves through the storm, they reach a town. This town has been plagued by an unknown disease where people rot and die. What sins have they commit to deserve such death, one may ask. No one knows. Everyone thinks God has forsaken them. God has send his armies down, God has sent a plague of incurable diseases  to punish sinners. In this town, the Cardinal suspects the plague as the act of a young witch. That witch craft and sorcery was involved. The girl seemed and looked innocent, therefore Behmen promised the girl a fair trial upon reaching Severac, an Abby habitate by monks. There, her fate will be sealed. If you wanna know bout the full story, you have to go watch it or go get the DVD. End of it, it wasn't witch craft nor sorcery but it was Lucifer and his army of demons. As expected, everyone was killed, even the Priest from town who came on the journey to Severac. So, who's left to continue the chanting that would eventually kill the demon? A young Knight who trailed Behmen to Severac.

In my own opinion, the movie would only make Christianity seems violent. What's with the opening where a Cardinal or someone says "Kill in the name of God! Fight with his vengeance! These people have no Gods and we shall show them God's power. Their soul shall be set free, their bodies shall be sent back to God!" God said thou shall not kill. Not thou shall kill in my name. Seriously, if this is religion back in the days, I am soooo glad I am not part of it. Overall, I quite enjoyed it, haha. Cheers


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