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Star-Crossed Lovers

Star-Crossed Lovers, a term or phrase often use to describe a pair of lovers who's love/relationship are often thwarted by outside force. The phrase is astrological in origin stemming from the belief that the stars holds our fate. The pairings are often fated for doom.

Lancelot & Guinevere
The greatest tale of all, The Arthurian Folklore tells of the rise and fall of Camelot and it's King, Arthur. Guinevere who's Arthur's wife may seem like the perfect lover but it was Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table that stole Guinevere's heart. An hence, they had an affair. An affair that would cost more than they could afford. A star-crossed affair resulting in the fall of Camelot and the death of King Arthur. Sir Lancelot's love for Guinevere and his King also resulted with his own downfall as a Knight. A love-triangle which costs 3 lives and the fall of one of the greatest kingdom the world never got to see.

Isis & Osiris
Both born to the God of Earth, Geb and Goddess of the Sky, Nut. Isis and Osiris were a set of children born to Nut together with Set and Nephthys. Ra, the God of Light and King of all the Egyptian Gods had placed a curse on Nut after foreseeing one of his children would end his reign among men but through the wisdom of Thoth, the God of Wisdom, Nut was able to give birth. Osiris was destined to be the greatest Pharoah King in Egypt and Isis would be by his side. Set was born with pure evil intention and as time pass, he grew to hate Osiris and tried every way possible to kill Osiris. He succeeded and parts of Osiris was cut and hidden in places with the body being hid in a Tamarisk tree which then grew famous as the perfect resting spot for a God with flowers and trees growing in the lush of nature. Isis found out about Osiris death and set out to find his pieces carrying the baby Horus who would grew up and avenge the evil done by Set to his parents. Set's wife and sister, Nephthys had then left his evil and wicked husband, took her son Anubis and help her sister, Isis in the search for Osiris and the resurrection of a Great King to a Great God. Isis found all the pieces of Osiris and Osiris was ressurected through the arts and crafts of Isis' magic and went on to rule the Underworld as a God. It is said that although time has pass, the spirit Isis is always alive and searching for Osiris.

Tristan & Isolde
The tales of Tristan and Isolde The Fair derrives from the Arthurian legend as well. Tristan was nursed to health by Isolde, the Princess of Ireland after a battle wound that left him weak and vulnerable. Tristan recovered and returned to his King who also happens to be his uncle. Finding out that his uncle intends to seek the Irish Princess in hand for marriage, Tristan offered to make the journey. Tristan slayed a dragon on his way but was left to die after defeating it. Isolde and her mother, the Queen found him and nursed him back on his feet once again. During that time, Isolde noticed the sword of Tristan was of the one who killed her brother. She then took up Tristan's sword and intend to pierce it through his heart but she couldn't bring herself to do it as she has fallen in love with him. Isolde's mother however had prepared a love potion for Isolde's maid to put in King Mark's drink so that he would fall in love with her. On the journey back to Cornwall, Tristan was thirsty and drank the wine which was drugged with the love potion and at that instance, Tristan and Isolde made love and it was the beginning of their adultery passion. A love held back by an arranged marriage to unite two kingdoms and a love which became real after the love potion lost it's effect.

Now, in tele-world we have...

Cole Turner & Phoebe Halliwell (CHARMED)
The pair that was doomed and destined for evil. With Phoebe turning her back on her sisters and marrying Cole Turner who's real form is Balthazar, one of the strongest demon from the Underworld, all hell was about to break loose. Their love was strong. Cole tried to be of pure heart, trying hard to search for his humanity while Phoebe watches as he struggles. Failing to do so resulted Phoebe as Queen of the Damned who rules the Underworld alongside with Cole. The ending for them? Death. Cole died and return again and again but the sisters had to vanquish him. Cole later on came back to help Phoebe search for her happiness. To love one is to set them free?

Oboro Iga & Gennosuke Kouga (BASiLiSK)
Okay, it's just an anime but it's still heartwarming... to see a couple who are made for each other but was forced to hold their love because of a clan rivalry which comes with a battle to the end. A death match for the title of the strongest clan in Japan. This was set back in feudal Japan where samurais and ninjas were at rule. Towards the end, Oboro killed herself to let the Kouga clan win the battle but Gennosuke signed the battle scroll as Oboro was the last to survive and then proceed to join Oboro in death.

Jack Twist & Ennis Del Mar
One of the few 'alternate' star-crossed love featured in tele-world. Enis is a married man but soon develop feelings for Jack who obviously knows who he is and what he wants. Both men struggle to keep their love a secret but at the same time, they couldn't hide their feelings for each other. Suspicion grew amongst their loved ones and it resulted in the horrible death of Jack Twist, leaving Enis scarred.

There's tons of Star-Crossed Lovers throughout time and space. We've heard of them over and over. One of the most common story of star-crossed loves is Romeo & Juliet. Facing hardship, objections and death to only be together death. There's also the Liang Shanbo & Zhu Yingtai of Butterfly Lovers from the Asian legends which is the Chinese version of Romeo & Juliet, well...a little bit similar. There's also Mark Anthony & Cleopatra, Venus & Adonis during the Renaissance era, Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta in The Iliad, Hero & Leander in Greek myths and so much more.
Romeo & Juliet

Mark Anthony & Cleopatra

Paris of Troy & Helen of Sparta

Venus & Adonis


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