Friday, February 18, 2011

Britney...PLEASE Hold iT Against ME!

The highly anticipated music video of Britney's comeback single, Hold It Against Me was released earlier today. The song is not too bad. It's good for shaking around and honestly? I have higher hopes for the MV.

The music video is a lil' broken doll-ish and there's some Gaga influence of course. The song has so much hype but the video doesn't have that much. It just feels...mismatch. Not to forget, the video has got LOTS of tacky self-promo with Britney spraying herself with her perfume Radiance by Britney Spears at 0.39 and cosmetics at 0.47 but the male dance in 0.50 is REALLY HOT! Cheap-O? Sigh...what's the deal these days? Avril did the same thing, now Britney?

At. 0.58, Britney looks really good in her big flowy dress which looked like she could hide Justin Bieber underneath but I don't wanna know.

At 1.29, notice she has wires and attachments on her finger all the way through her back? Gaga anyone?

At 1.36, Plenty Of Fish website is being used again after Gaga made the site famous in her Telephone MV. I like the concept of microphones surrounding Britney in 1.50 but she looks like a major drag in ths make up and costume.

Pay attention to 2.36 and you will see Britney's dancers are FACELESS. Now thats a major rip-off from Gaga, don't you think so?

In 2.44 her mouth became wide like the joker which gives you the creeps but that is all. There's no continuation to the creepy side.

2.47 is the beginning where Britney fights with herself, punching and kicking her inner demons? Erm, then there's squirting paints from her fingers...replacing the paints with electricity would be better. I thought she was gonna shoot bolts of lightning but only to find out there's Buncho's Poster Color. Britney sure toned down WAY too much. She don't even look like she have the energy to dance anymore. The music video is so irrelevant to the song and you don't see a storyline here. The only part that I like was when she sings the slow part and she's in the flowy dress with clips of her past MVs on the television.

Watch it for yourself and let me know...


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