Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sitting in Paddington House Of Pancakes and watching people walk pass by, I noticed something. Well, a few things actually. First, whenever I bump into friends, the first thing they ask is...''Wow, your hair. Long already, like got bombed.'' LOL! Where got such thing? My hair hair. Its Adam Lambert inspired. Plus, I only look good in this hair, too bad. The next thing is, people kept staring at me. Its either I look like a freak or I look like a PopStar. Notice why I didn't use RockStar? Because I am nowhere near Rock. Third thing, it is Halloween today and not much people got dressed up. Last night, yes. Today, not much people dressed up. Best part? Some come out of their house looking like themselves but honestly, they look like...Halloween itself, haha. Under-dress is not for today, hehe. Well, I am not really over or under-dressed. I am just clad in a white jacket, hehe. An undershirt from Renoma mix with a white jacket.


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