Sunday, October 10, 2010

These HEELS Are Made For Walking

Nowadays, everywhere I go, I see girls wearing high heels. Not just any high heels but Gaga inspired heels. More like copycat versions of the late Alexander McQueen's high heels. Incase you are wondering what those heels look like, they are the heels that Lady Gaga wore in her Bad Romance music video and practically any other videos of hers.

The original Alexander McQueen Heels

Go Gurney, go Queensbay and you'll see boutiques carrying these kind of shoe design. Except for Prangin cuz they are lala all year round. Gaga-inspired heels are awkward in position of the heels and the front. Overly dramatic and sometimes decorated with blings, rhinestones or chains. They sure look good. Just months ago, people were going crazy over gladiator heels and boots. Now? Its these Gaga-inspired heels and boots. No more you see people wearing gladiators. All wearing chains or thick front heels. Just for your viewing purposes, here are some pictures. In Penang, shoes like these can be found in Vincci, Vincci +, Charles & Keith, Nose, ShoePoint and other shoe boutiques.
The ones in Vincci


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