Saturday, October 23, 2010


Friendship without TRUST is nothing.
If you think I would do such thing, then go ahead and put the blame on me. You are a victim. So am I. Don't simply point to me just because I have the source. People gossip and creates drama. I happened to be in the centre of every drama there is and I'm always the last to find out.

You wanna talk production? I care about both of your production. But what did I get in return? A bombing from both parties. That I leaked your videos/movies? Ya, sure. I'd do that after supporting both of you. I went to watch You Again which is supposed to be a comedy but I did not laugh nor smile at all. Thanks alot. As if the day wasn't bad enough. If our friendship is so fragile that you think I would do such things, I am sorry for I am not that kind of person. Sorry to disappoint you. It was a back to back bombing and I seriously do not need that. Maybe the relationship part is going over your head, I don't know. All I know is, the relationship is affecting friendship. If I am the person who introduced you both and you once said ''Thank you for introducing him to me'', guess what? I got screwed for no apparent reason. When you utter the words, ''I will talk to Joseph'' means you already set your mind that I am the one behind it. That I am the culprit. Some words can't be taken back. Apologies won't clear it up. Forgiving is easy, forgetting something like this has happened? Not easy...


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