Sunday, November 7, 2010


LOVE isn't hard to find, TRUE LOVE is. But why some people choose to let it go, I have no idea. Love is about the sacrifices each other made to get to where they are. Not necessarily physical. Sometimes I am puzzled by others. Why is it they can move on so fast? In matter of days.

Why one finds a replacement, they are quick to judge and compare with their previous ones. Can someone say they love a person after few days? Should one love a person so quickly just because he/she let him/her do things the other never let them do before? Where's the LOVE once you are being controlled? Is that what we call LOVE? If that is love, sorry...I don't want that.

What about a type of LOVE called MATERiAL LOVE? Do we love someone just because that person gives us everything we want? Buy us ices and Dolce & Gabbana? Buy us Gucci? Prada and Jimmy Choos? That kind of LOVE is what drives a man bankrupt. Where's the LOVE once the money dried out? Would want either one of these so called LOVE? Not me.

I want a kind of LOVE where both parties appreciate each other's presence and existence. Share what we have and don't have. Go with the moment, live within the moment. A LOVE  where both can sit down and chat like best friends and about our daily life, not what to buy, where to go clubbing. Growing old together seems and sounds impossible but I wanna believe that there's a possibility to it. Where is the LOVE when we're grey and old? Inside this fragile HEART of mine :)

You and me will be lying side by side forever, forever
Underneath this adolescent sky together, together
And you will hold my heart inside your hand
And you'll be the one, the one to tell me

Oh, we've got a long, long way to go
To get there, we'll get there
If there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old

I made you swear that our hearts will never die
No never, no never
Cause no one seems to believe that we can fly
Forget them, forget them

How could we know that day, it came with age
That the feeling would fade...


Joaquin Syed Vishnu said...

Start spreading love instead of craving for one... ;)

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